My country is broken by Koleoso Teniola Olasubomi

My country is broken

Where do we pick up the pieces?

We are in tears with bleeding hearts

Who would do the stitches?

A country at war with her self

Depressed people fighting against oppression

Corruption almost in a state of perfection

Youth fighting for their freedom

They took an oath to defend the nation but

They open fire on innocent protesters

Where is the love?

Where is your conscience?

Is that love for your nation?

Or is the killing for a just cause?

Or is it all false?

Where did we go wrong?

Everyone is one the run, but no one is running

There is rage, and there is fire

Everywhere is burning

Who would put out the fire?

Would we just forget about the innocent ones that were lost?

Or pretend as if nothing happened?

There is a war where nobody wins

Who lost?

People who are supposed to be representatives are getting away with a big box while the people are dying of poverty and hunger

Should I speak up?

Should I be brave?

I might end up in the grave.

Who knows?

Or should I be quiet and be hopeful of a better future that might never come?

Would there be light at the end of the tunnel?

Maybe I should ask the colonel.

Or ask the police if they would let me live another day.

The future is turbid

We have been running but can’t run no more.

Who is going to save us now?

There is a choice to be made, and the choice is ours and ours alone

We all have to save Nigeria

We all have to save ourselves.

About the Poet

Koleoso Teniola Olasubomi is a native of Ilisan Remo, Ogun state. He was born on the 12th of July 1993. He is a graduate of Business Administration at Babcock University. He was a member of the literary and debate club in secondary school because of his passion for writing. He is a writer, poet, music producer, and interestingly, a disk jockey.

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