The Masked Man

Walking into an empty house

And there he was again

Following me around like my shadow in the light

Scared my shadow left

Alone with him

He has walked behind me

In front of me

Beside me

But not for once have I seen his face

Who are you?  A question I screamed at him a million times

Tired as I have lost my voice to him

I wonder if he was lost

Hoping I would take him home

If his deaf and just couldn’t hear me

If his dumb and just couldn’t reply me

Or his is just my shadow

Out in flesh

Then I ask myself, what if it’s a she?

I always referred to it as a him


But today, she didn’t follow me around

I felt I was free, but I was lonely


Without love and purpose

Wondering about all day, without a direction

Until I found this house

With hopes and dreams, to rest

I felt at peace

Like it was mine

My home

But here you are again

You found me again

No, I found you

I was deaf, lost, lonely, crazy, sick, without you

I wasn’t me anymore

I needed you

But who are you

Who is behind me

My demon

For the first time you heard me, and looked at me, you took off your mask

The masked man, Was Me

by Lydia Amuwoko

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