Ibadan, Nigeria: Agodi Gardens in Pictures

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Agodi Gardens Review and in Pictures

This is a very very late post and I apologise. I went down to Ibadan sometime in July to relax. Prior to my visit, I did not do any form of research. My travel buddy informed me weeks before we made the journey. We even had to shift date twice but for some UN-explainable reason, I did not search for ‘Agodi Gardens’ on google.  Now that I think about it, that’s really weird thing for me to do. I guess I just wanted to go see things for myself. It’s a garden right, let’s go have fun.Agodi Gardens - elsieisy blog

However, I had expectations. Having visited wonderland park, Abuja – April 2015, I expected to have same or more fun options. I looked forward to having exciting activities to engage in such as the roller coaster, ocean cars, carousel, pirate ship, bouncy castle, cow boy mini wheel and the likes…I guess having expectations truly hurts but my experience was not totally bad as Ibadan wasn’t a boring place after all.Agodi Gardens - 2 - elsieisy blog

Agodi Gardens Location

Agodi gardens is situated in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, near the Oyo State Secretariat complex. Ibadan is the third largest city in Africa.

Agodi Gardens Gate Fee

The gate fee was 500 and we went in. Yes the sight was beautiful but less activities was a turn off for me. Maybe cos I had expectations but we sha went in. There were directions to whichever area you are going to unlike the poor directions the last time I went to Lekki Leisure Centre with my friends (I should share pictures of that soon). Don’t even get me started with Ado awaye – you need wisdom to not get missing.agodi gardens gate - elsieisy blog

Agodi Gardens Water Park

The water park is one of the prominent features of Agodi Gardens. It has two water slides and three swimming pools which are integrated into a large paved surface along with terraced lawn picnicing areas, capable of accommodating over a 1000 visitors at any one time. A smaller slide and shallow pool offers fun for younger children whilst the big slide and its plunge pool gives adults and older children high-speed excitement. The pool section was really beautiful from where I stood. It was so beautiful that we were pained…pained cos we were not ready to swim. I think you have to pay extra to get into the pool area as there was a guard seated at the entrance but it was clean and beautiful.

Agodi Gardens Zoo

We decided to go to the mini zoo known as their Animal enclosure and it was just there or say “Still waiting/under construction” as suggested by the notice at the entrance. At least I saw lions. The monkeys were playful, the crocodiles were just crocodiles and the parrot professionally cracking nuts. That was fun to be honest.monkey - agodi gardens - elsieisy blog lions - agodi gardens - elsieisy blogMonkey in Agodi Gardens mini zoo - elsieisy blog - elsie Godwin Travel blogger Monkey - agodi Gardens - elsieisy blog - Tourism blog Duck - Agodi Gardens - Elsieisy blog - Travel blog

tortoise - agodi gardens - elsieisy blog crocodile - agodi gardens - elsieisy blogPicnic & Children Play Area

Everywhere in the garden is beautiful and perfect for picnic but there are specific areas. It has children play area but to be honest, aside one carousel, there was nothing else.carousel - Agodi Gardens Park - Elsieisy blog - Elsie Godwin - Travel Blogger

Agodi Gardens Lake

Agodi garden has a not-so-nice lake where visitors can take a boat ride. I didn’t get to take the ride because the guy incharge went to tend to other sections in the garden. By the time he showed up, I had lost interest. All I had in mind was Amala Skylolo and getting back to my hotel room.Elsie Godwin in Agodi Gardens - Nigerian Blogger - Elsieisy blog


Of course you didn’t expect me not to notice the food areas. Agodi houses this really cute restaurants where most of these shots were taken. You find the restaurant which has different vendors on the left immediately you walk into the Garden. And yea, there is a spot for palm wine and goat meat just before the pool side… How on earth did I forget going back for my palm wine? Hot tears*

Elsie Godwin
Elsie Godwin

Generally, Agodi Gardens is recommended if you want to stay away from all the noise and hustle in the city. A lot still needs to be done and introduced but it’s generally not a bad place to be with friends, family or partner.

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