Man in Mirror

Man in Mirror

Its a fixationNot of admiration.Nor a mere reflection.Its like an exposition.A revelation of devastation.This structure I see need revaluation.This object seize to be of fashion.It shows a reflection that call for action.A selfish souls cruel with passion.This mirror seize to be of fashion.It unveil myopic eyes that lack compassion.Its a lucent sheet of wheelization .A lucent sheet of wheelization.An ancient sheet for examination.Stare at it not only for admiration nor edification.Not as jezebel unto legion of dames that behind the mirror they crave for vainful exhortationThey see it as tool to paint face, it no wonder they set no pace.Let it be your coach, let it watch your growth and set your feet to race.As I stare into the mirror I see beyond what i see.I see  minds in parsimony flourishing like a  black sea.I see the reason behind the scenes and sinsAs I transcend into vacuum that need to be fill.I realize the world is vulgar for every soul shun a plea because it got a plea.We fail to correct the wrong and wail as we loose our right.As we gaze into the mirror for ourselvesAs we gaze into the future only for ourselves.As a tree does not make a forest nor a strong brick a fortress.We disremember to laugh alone Is Madness.We disremember this world goes beyond  our world.We disremember our world exist in this world.We disrember a selfless us is a less stressful world.

By: Maraiyesa Ayokunle (marayo).

(Image source – googled image)

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