Kiss Me (18+ Poetry)

kiss me - poetry by Phinesmiles on Elsieisy blog

by Phinesmiles

My cold soft lips

Awaits a touch
From a mighty and great soul
Feeling  his muscular hands
Ascending and descending
as his broad chest presses mine
In the hot kiss
He leans back
Unbuttons my little top
Places his cold hands on my breast
I felt a spark
I wasn’t sure what it was
But I was sure he was ready for something
His smokey eyes made the message clear
Slowly, he did lie me to his bed
Felt his heart beat so fast
As his lips went from my breast to my belle botton
While I enjoyed his touches I grew impatience
So wet but didn’t want to disturb my lover
He zip off my jean
Placing his thick fingers right between my legs
I moan
My hands packing my bed spread
And soon after right on his behind
While I softly said his name
It grew faster the moaning too
Now it was the real thing
So strong so big
As he spreads my legs to pave his way through
His hands never left my nipples
And his lips on mine
His definitely not from here
He did it rightly
Faster it got and I knew I was in good heavens as well as I was in trouble
His eyes grew darker
Sweat all over him
I had a tap
Precious wake up
You were dreaming and screaming
(C) By Phinesmiles

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  1. How could this end up being a dream nah… Precious must go back to.complete that dream. Darn!!!

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