Who I am

Rape 101

I live amongst you, we wine and dine together. As supposed human beings we have thoughts limited to us, but what are your thoughts about me as of mine to you?In the sanity of my quietness I create the insanity of my actions. I watch them provocatively... Read More

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Say No To Rape

Day 7 : #SayNoToRape Why didn’t you tell anybody?Why didn’t you run?If it was me, I would have slapped him. All these words kept hitting me from all angles, I wanted to scream.I was the one that was affected, yet no one cared to... Read More

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Words to Reflect on


Why should you be depressed? Why should a Christian be depressed?  John 16: 33 1st Corithians 10:13Don’t lose your focus. What are the things that can make you lose focus? No matter what is going on in your life, you should remain in faith and... Read More

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Sour 16

Day 5: #SayNoToRape”He forcefully thrust inside of me, tearing my womanhead all the way to my heart, tearing my emotion all the way to my soul, tramping on my feelings and stampeding my self-esteem. I can only feel pain as he forced his way into... Read More

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Day 5: #SayNoToRape My fame has become shame hiddenBottled up in my heart with the chain of painI’m bruised like a torn veinBeautiful outside, but bleeding withinI long to say, but the wash of humiliation won’t let meI fear that I will... Read More

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