Sour 16

Day 5: #SayNoToRape”He forcefully thrust inside of me, tearing my womanhead all the way to my heart, tearing my emotion all the way to my soul, tramping on my feelings and stampeding my self-esteem. I can only feel pain as he forced his way into... Read More

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Day 5: #SayNoToRape My fame has become shame hiddenBottled up in my heart with the chain of painI’m bruised like a torn veinBeautiful outside, but bleeding withinI long to say, but the wash of humiliation won’t let meI fear that I will... Read More

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She Said NO!

sha said no

Day 4: #SayNoToRape She said noIt meant no, and not yesYou grabbed her hairAnd tore her dress.And bruised her flesh.What you didn’t knowWas the gaping hole you left in her soul.What you didn’t know…Daddy was never aroundMother... Read More

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Rape & The Blame Game


#SayNoToRape Day 3:Are Rape Victims To Blame For Their Predicament?YES Because:By dressing provocatively, being promiscuous, encouraging male attention with overt flirting and teasing, drinking excessively and by knowingly placing themselves in... Read More

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A Victim of the gods

rape has to stop

#SayNoToRape Day 2: “Na the old gods dey wait make rapist turn 90years old before dem catch am, the God of today delivers judgment sharperly  #SayNoToRape” His torso ripped with veins showing through his formerly white but now brown... Read More

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