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You won’t believe this! Hmmmm!! I have been going to this church for a very long time and the pastor has never asked me “how are you doing”? I’m not even sure he knows my name or anything about me. I have been dealing with some issues in my life and then I decided to go see my pastor for prayers and counseling. Getting to his office I met his secretary who told me to wait that pastor is in an important meeting “like my case is not important” so I waited and after three hours, she walked up to me and said she was sorry that the pastor won’t be able to see me today. Can you imagine? (After the time and money spent) so I walked out.

The following week I went back to see my BUSY pastor and immediately I walked in, the secretary looked at me with so much disgust then asked me to sit down and I resumed the “waiting ministry”. Finally I saw my Pastor. Good afternoon sir I said as I began to narrate my story and while I was still talking, I noticed that my pastor was half asleep then when I was done talking he said “madam, you need to learn how to pray for yourself. The truth is no one can pray for you like you, I am so tired and I need to rest now before the prayer meeting in the evening if you don’t mind. I pray that God will grant you the desires of your heart. God bless you” haba! How could a pastor do this I said to myself. Well, all pastors are the same and all secretaries are rude. If my pastor can’t help me, please what the use of me going to church? I rather stay at home and wait for my miracle after all its there in Job 14:14 that ALL the days of my life will I wait until my change comes. So I will wait patiently for it at home.

I’m sure this is the story of some Christians who have either changed church or have stopped going to one, but reading my bible, I found a similar situation in Matthew 15:22-28  (AMP)22: And behold, a woman who was a Canaanite from that district came out and, with a [loud, troublesomely urgent] cry, begged, have mercy on me, O Lord, Son of David! My daughter is miserably and distressingly and cruelly possessed by a demon!

23: But He did not answer her a word. And His disciples came and implored Him, saying; Send her away, for she is crying out after us. (Can you imagine? Jesus Christ of Nazareth didn’t answer her a word. In our generation we would rightly say that Jesus snubbed her and to add salt to her swollen injury His disciples said to Him please send her away. She is causing lots of troubles here, crying and disturbing our peace)

When He finally decided to speak in verse 24:  He answered, I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. (Meaning I am not here for everyone and unfortunately, you belong to the category of people I really don’t care about hmmmm!)

25: But she came and, kneeling, worshiped Him and kept praying, Lord, help me!( She still didn’t go away instead she knelt down and worshiped Him “I can imagine her singing “OBA AWON OBA KABIYOSI, ONLY YOU CAN DO THIS”) you can join her right now by singing along, reminding God of His promises towards you.

26: And He answered, it is not right (proper, becoming, or fair) to take the children’s bread and throw it to the little dogs.  OH NO Jesus Christ! Not from you. Not only did you snub her, your disciples mocked and insulted her, she worshiped you still and in return you called her a dog. Of all creatures Lord, a dog!

27:She said, Yes, Lord, yet even the little pups (little whelps) eat the crumbs that fall from their [young] masters’ table. (I was expecting her to say ABEG! What’s that? Haven’t I begged you enough? Haba I thought they said you are a good person how come you are showing me the opposite? But she acknowledged the fact that she wasn’t good enough. She knew what she needed and she said yes Lord, it is true, you know it all BUT PLEASE HELP ME

28 Then Jesus answered her, O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you wish. And her daughter was cured from that moment. Jesus does not have a heart of stone. Her request was granted.

HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT AND HOW FAR ARE YOU WILLING TO GO FOR IT?Thank God for the cross but you have a part to play! Are you ready to go all the way? Like my pastor will always say “what you make out of your life is up to you”

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Written by Dora Ndidi – @adorable_oma

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