I sit here trying to pen down or scribble an interesting/entertaining note of some sort as the latest contributor on this wonderful blog I stumbled on recently.

The thing is I am like everybody, even if I try to think otherwise (don’t we all) but like everyone I don’t like getting a bad review or getting laughed at.

So I decided that my very first contribution on this blog be a freestyle of some sort touching on various topics concerning us even the one we tend to ignore because we feel we don’t have a say.

To me life is a maze and the further you go the further it continues and it gives this little gems along the way called “blessings” just like they do in temple run.

In this mystery maze, we sometimes make turns to a dead end because of ignorance, pride, etc. and some give up out of frustration. But like in any normal maze (unlike the one in Harry Potter) you can turn back and make it right.

Unfortunately we sometimes make a maze within a maze for ourselves in our daily dealings (how it happens sef e dey confuse me).

The me of old would probably look for a cutlass and hack through the maze not considering the fact that it could be made up of concrete or metal too.

I am the kind of person that sees the bad side of something first before even thinking of the good and I must confess I miss out on the good parts when I am done, I do that because I always want to be ready when the bad side finally arrives (believe me I am never wrong in that) and I get frequently misunderstood too. I don’t know if anybody does this when they write exams, the part where you make sure that every “fillable” part is filled even if you no sabi wetin dem dey yarn or in objectives count the correct answers to see if you’re up to atleast a quarter before trying your luck or wishing your dead uneducated grandma will appear and help you.

This leads me to the part where as sad as it is many of us live our lives trying to please (tell me if I am wrong) the wrong people. The same people that barely notice or tolerate you or care as much as you do. I see this everyday on social media (bestie this and that).

This takes me to the upcoming election, where like we know in our beloved country Nigeria it is a “do or die” affair. I’ve tried everything to NOT show concern because to be honest it will take only the grace of God, I’ve even tried to be neutral as possible but I won’t lie I am deceiving myself. Like everybody knows there’s no in-between for good and evil. So those of us inciting violence or still trying we say thank you. (Shebi na still your country na until you start to live like refugee for UN camp for another country). If there’s anything I’ve learnt from 24 or Scandal, these politicians are closer than we think or know, go to Abuja and see them chilling together (some na even next door neighbor) and their children dey marry themselves. You go dey try kill yourself while dem dey chill and their children dey instagram their exotic holidays and cool stuff *breathing out fire*

Written by Samuel Nnabude - @masternano
Written by Samuel Nnabude – @masternano

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  1. Prostitution might be too harsh a term to describe what i think you mean.A better description should be transactional sex,

    When anyone engages in sex with a motive of getting any benefit other than the pleasure of sex in itself can be described as transactional sex.

    The need for material support, and the availability of sex as a way to meet this need, often influences the sexual behaviour of women towards this trend which is very common even within marriages.

    Though some offer sex to men to support themselves and their families, there are those who do it mainly to improve their current lifestyles.

    Transactional sex is when money or gifts are exchanged for a sexual relationship. The gifts can be cash, handbags or even trips. Often, things such as rent, phones and airtime/ cellphone contracts, groceries and clothing are thrown in as incentives for transactional relationships.

    The distinction between prostitution and transactional sex is that there is no predetermined amount for the latter, and transactional sex is often framed in the form of an actual relationship.

    It lasts longer than the relationship between a prostitute and a client, and is not always driven by poverty.

    While the exchange of money for the services of a prostitute is illegal in most part of Africa, transactional sexual relationships are not.

    These relationships can be a concern when it comes to sexually transmitted infections because the partners are very rarely faithful to each other. This is especially true when the relationship involves an age, power and money gap, usually to the disadvantage of younger women.

    It is not uncommon for a richer male partner to refuse to use condoms, and he may also have multiple partners. The woman may feel compelled to do whatever her partner asks so she doesn’t risk losing her economic benefits.

    This puts everyone involved at high risk of contracting and spreading HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, as well as risking unplanned pregnancy. This makes it important to consider female economic empowerment in HIV-reduction policies.

    These relationships are said to be prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa, where black women are more likely to enter into transactional relationships.

    Though some are motivated by the woman’s lack of socioeconomic resources (in poor societies, sex is sometimes the only currency of exchange for women), increasingly they are driven by consumerism.

    The most common perception of transactional sexual relationships is that it happens between young women in their twenties and older men, often referred to as sugar daddies.

    Although this is indeed common, the relationships are not always intergenerational. Women of all ages and social statuses take part in transactional sexual relationships – and the only difference may be in the nature of the goods or the amounts of money received for the sex

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