Chewing gum can help your oral health

is chewing gum healthy?

Here is some good news for gum chewers! However, there is a but… – A new study suggested that Chewing gum can enhance oral health by removing 100 million bacteria from your mouth in just 10 minutes.

That’s the equivalent of 10% of the bacteria typically found in your saliva – and it puts chewing gum on a par with dental floss when it comes to improving oral hygiene.

Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands chewed for set periods of time before studying their gum with an electron microscope.

Chewing for 10minutes was shown to provide great benefits – as long as the gum is sugar-free, of course, and as long as the chewer spat the gum out after 10 minutes.

Chewing the same piece of gum for longer than 10 minutes was found to undo the benefits, as bacteria that had been gathered into the gum then got redeposited back into the mouth.

Previous research has found that gum chewing can also improve your mood, lessen your anxiety and increase your alertness.

Their initial goal was to identify the dynamics of chewing gum on the microbes. Yet, the results provided them — and us — with a potential path to even greater oral health with the help of a few moments of chewing pleasure.

So chewing is health but not chewing the same gum more than 10minutes

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