How to prevent AIDS/STDs without using condom

how to prevent hiv/stds without using condom

Studies conducted in my head shows that 99.9% of people now practicing safe sex – sex with condom, had at one point or the other had unprotected sex with one or two partners. Although this is yet to be confirmed by the association of boyfriends and girlfriends, you just have to believe what I tell you because this is my space.

However, I am proud that this percentage of people finally got to a point of maturity whereby they know they have to slow down the pleasure which comes from eating the forbidden fruit – at least that’s what we call it when you are not married, whereby marriage is an express ticket to having unprotected sex without thinking of a condom.

Think of how much you spend on condoms….pause and think. I am sincerely beginning to consider adding a factory which produces condom to my retirement plan. That thing sells and thanks to AIDS. Trust me, no one cared about condoms until brother AIDS came to being. Did you just think ‘unwanted pregnancy’? Naaa, to some people, abortion ain’t shit. You stroll in early in the morning and stroll out, that’s all. And some were very good in calculating their ovulation period and all. Biology was too essential even for the guys. You remember that guy who used to pay extra attention in biology classes? Yea, that one. He just needed more information on how to be careful when doing it. But AIDS? Nobody wants to die na. Just nobody.

Now back to the topic, how to prevent AIDS/STDs without using condom, very easy. I am sharing this common information with you here again because I care. There are basically two ways to preventing AIDS/STDs without the use of condom.

  • Abstain
  • Go and marry

Thank you for taking time out to read this and please do thank me for this piece of information.

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  1. They say if u want ur girlfrwend to love u without live u, that all u need is have sex with her, that she will not live u but I want to know ??

  2. Are we in sunday school? I thought you will say ‘use shopping bag’ sef abi only insert halfway lol

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