A Guy’s Dilemma 1


Its 6:00am on a Saturday morning… “Sleep decides to leave me this early i just wonder where it’s going to…*shrugs* How is today going to be sef? No work at the office today (thank God), No plans, No wedding, No babe to even call my... Read More

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Me saying life has not been fair to me sure sounds wrong and wrong it is literally. But has it been fair really?Here I am, still very happy, good sense of humor, doing my best to put smiles on the faces of people around me in the very little way I can,... Read More

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be you

I thought to myself, am at a point where I have to talk about this matter. Do let these instances speak to you. Usually my attitude and actions are direct reflection of my mood. I will do just about anything atanytime ,too bad I can’t even vouch... Read More

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