The House – 22

The house

Aha! Where is “The house?!!!” The question became unbearable that I had to be a thorn in @olumiCFC ‘s life. *whew being a thorn finally paid off!!

The house finally continues, remember to drop a comment o or I pause it again *evil grin (Thank you Bass! @olumiCFC , you rock!)

If you are just reading The house for the first time then you are on a long dulling thing. Click here for previous episodes. 😀


The bus conductor’s loud voice brought me back to reality. What the hell had I been thinking about? I got off the bus and walked off with a series of yoruba curses following me. Who cares? What was on my mind far outweighed the curses of a conductor who probably has got nothing going for him.

It has been one week now since Uti gave his ‘judgment’. It had been hard to take in and after lot of pleading with Sesan, he had found the courage to go talk to Uti. The results had been nothing changed, Uti stood his ground. Since Yemisi was adamant that I was the owner of the pregnancy, I had to take care of her till she delivered. Sesan had tried to point out that it wasn’t logically possible for a lady to know she was ‘two weeks’ pregnant, Uti didn’t want to listen. I had to pay for all his failed business transactions with Boka. Speaking of Boka, no one had seen him ever since.

The job I had been so happy to get and which I suspect was the cause of all my problems right now didn’t seem as much fun as I had expected. Fine, I had an office all to myself more like a glorified cubicle actually but the thing was I was constantly on my feet all day. Well the pay would have compensated for all the stress but now with the pregnancy wahala, I wasn’t so sure I was going to have anything to fall back on at the end of month.

I sighed as I walked past Iya Nuru’s compound. I had been avoiding Latifah since the whole incident. Still couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she set me up. I think she was pretty much avoiding me too. I think it was for the best…I walked into the compound and looked up to check the bulb upfront, thank God there was light though it meant that guys were probably in the room gambling on FIFA once more. No privacy. Oh God, I need my own room. Huh!! Wait! That’s it! The answer to all my problems! I could move out, rent an apartment in a place no one would know not even Sesan! Yes! Why didn’t I think of this before?! Why?! But cash cash, I would need money oo! I was all smiles at my Eureka moment as I got to the room and stepped in.

SESAN…I was scratching my beards when Bode walked in. Funny, I think I noticed a smile on his face. What was going on? I don’t think the other guys noticed it. Mickole and Wahidi were busy sweating it out on FIFA, there was one thousand naira at stake. Blackky was just finishing up a plate of beans and bread, his third meal of the day. Well it was sha his money, none of my concern.

How far, how work?“, I welcomed Bode.

Work was fine o“, the smile was disappearing. But I am sure it would return sooner or later.

Omo boyi, how you dey?“. Blackky also greeted him. Wahidi and Mickole barely noticed he was around.



Wahidi jumped up grabbing the money on the floor. Mickole stood up right after him grabbing his hand.

Wa shey o ya weyreh? Leave my hand, no b first score we agree ni?“, Whidi blurted out angrily.

Ehn shey you no go last me ni?

I don hear you, leave my hand, I go buy you jedi later if we go konigba“…with that, Mickole let go of his hand and they finally noticed Bode who by now was taking off his tie.

Bode, we have been talking“, I started off.

About?” , he turned around to look at me.

How we go comot you from this belle wahala wey you put yourself noni“, Wahidi continued as the one thousand naira was disappearing into his pocket.

Bode frowned and looked at us round, hard to tell what he was thinking.

How? What are you guys planning? Abi are you planning to beat Uti ni?“, good question.

Blackky bursted out laughing out where he was seated. Mickole just rubbed his belly, sign that he needed a bottle of alcohol. I was sure Wahidi was feeling the same way.

No but we decided to come up with plan B“…

Wait, wait..what’s plan A sef“…Bode asked.

We go carry the girl go hospital ni to confirm if she get belle true true abi u wan dey pay maga money ontop belle wey you no sure of? And after six, seven months she go talk say belle don spoil“…Wahidi said.

I kept looking at Bode to notice his reaction, the frown was still out on his face.

Ok, if we truly confirm she is pregnant. What is plan B?“..He asked.

We go comot the belle noni. Shuu, see question o“..Mickole sounded irritated.

How? You guys are going to force her to have an abortion? And what would happen once she goes to tell Uti?“..Bode get questions o.

Forget Uti, Stella dey come back tomorrow from abuja so he no go too fit shout. Besides sef, we no need do abortion. We fit just arrange postinor and chelsea give am drink“…Wahidi

And if postinor no work, tramadol fit join am“..Blackky

Make una get sense na, the girl na olosho. Una think say she no go sabi wetin postinor and chelsea dey for“…Mickole

Wait, what’s chelsea?“..Bode with a question again.

“Chelsea dry gin na! Wetin you sabi sef?!“…Blackky

You guys should cool down o. We fit just word Yemisi na make she go do abortion. Na just five thousand naira and e no go take pass four minutes twelve seconds to do the whole thing. Na just to sort Yemisi to agree remain“..I told them

Wait, you no say abortion na four minutes twelve seconds?“..damn! I knew Wahidi was going to ask the dumb question.

The weyreh don dey carry girls go do abortion teytey. Chei, Ori iya mi o”, Blackky wailed putting his hands on his head.

But I reason wetin Sesan talk o. Na the best way to settle this matter be that o“, Mickole would always talk sense

So wetin remain now abi Bode wetin you think?“, Wahidi said as we all looked up at Bode’s face.

He was smiling…….

Written by BASS @OlumiCFC

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  1. Aha!!!!The house is back!!!!!! *whoop*But wait oooooo, chelsea and postinor?????? Chaye!!!Dear girls, please do not try that at home o. Lol

  2. yyyeeeeaaaaaaaaa…..finally the house is backbt i neva knew u cud use chelsea n postinor fot stuffs like dat…daaayuumm….well….looking forward to wat bode has in mind

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