Hello lovers!I was tagged by the lovely Tosin of africanismcosmopolitan.com to do this short blog tag. Well, not like she called me out directly but she did indirectly. So since I am in my play mood, I am just going to answer these questions without... Read More

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Making Of A Naija Activist

For children of anger, like this writer, we grew up the thick of June 12 saga and the fight for democracy. We were too young to contribute but we read magazines and newspapers, we heard rumours and half-truths, witnessed phantom coup(s); the closing... Read More

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Just Your Heart

he knows your heart

For many years, we read the book of Genesis every quarter during our morning devotion and I read every verse without much understanding of it but few weeks ago, I was doing a private study of the same book Genesis and God opened my eyes to many things... Read More

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