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We all have that friend that has been around the block a few times but insists that they must marry a virgin. This is pretty much a male dominated mode of thinking because we have been socialized to place female chastity above male chastity which more or less doesn’t even exist. While I would like to whine about the absolute unfairness of this situation it is freaky Friday so that would have to wait for another post. The question at hand here is ‘what exactly constitutes a virgin?’

In simple terms a virgin is someone that has not experienced sexual intercourse (basically someone who hasn’t fucked or has been fucked), but in these days of sex toys, anal penetration, hand jobs, and oral sex one has to really consider how simple defining a virgin is. Would the virgin mother of Jesus be so adored as a virgin if she had done any of this prior to having the sweet baby Jesus?

So tell me, after that episode would it be right to consider this girl a virgin? I mean technically speaking her hymen is still intact right? On a trip to the shopping mall, not so long ago a friend of mine said every guy needs a pro-hoe as he so articulately put it. A pro-hoe as I came to discover is a girl that knows exactly what she is doing in bed with the freakiness of a porn star. I argued that any girl could be trained to do this given the right circumstance then he asked me what about a virgin 3

To my surprise I didn’t even have to think about it for a second to give my reply. The answer was an emphatic yes. Unknown to most men what passes for a virgin girl these days has had to perfect the art of dry humping, blow-jobbing, hand-jobbing, and all other sorts of jobbing to compete with her non-virgin counterparts in bed. Most of these virgins have read countless erotica fiction and yes they have watched porn to, so mentally (which is where the nature of being a freak resides) these girls are already ready to blow your mind given the right opportunity to 4So please can someone help me clarify what being a virgin actually means. Is it someone with no sexual experience whatsoever? Is anal penetration a violation of virginity? What about oral? Hand action and dry action?

Written by William Moore -
Written by William Moore –

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  1. Hehehe. A virgin looking at d female side of itl is one whose hymen is still intact. I don’t think sex has anything to do with it all da time, cause I’ve heard of girls breaking their hymen due to an accident encountered while horse riding or bicycle riding. For a guy lol, now I think sex must be involved….hope I don’t sound silly *covering face

  2. In my opinion… a virgin can be either actual/real or technical virgin.And no, it’s not possible to belong to the both categories…A real virgin is one who has not done anything sexual. This category includes someone who has done nothing to a girl who has not gone beyond kissing and light petting…of course with clothes on.The technical virgin is the type that has done/seen it all save the breaking of the hymen… they’ve done it all, handjob, blowjob, oral, anal, dry-hump,you-name-it…#okBYE

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