Its 2:26am…..I’m awake and it seems like 6am then I thought to myself it’s probably my regular midnight urine session and yet again it’s not! I wonder to myself what could be wrong as I feel warm liquid roll down my thigh…oh! I’m sweating *sigh* EKEDC is at it again causing so much discomfort since 1989.

Tossing and turning on my bed……searching for answers in my head……I pick up my phone and notice its half the usual battery life….and I wonder what we did to deserve this punishment in our beloved country…will Nigeria ever be a better place to live?…is all dis for a just cause or we have to watch our back as we take each step for survival?….we suffer and we smile….my neighbours gen is driving me crazy.

We seek for change but even change is not sure he will offer us positive change…..we seek for a way forward and yet it feels we are on a treadmill….running but on the same spot.

In my aim for personal change I still keep falling back to past mistakes and realize I can chat with my friend since he is in a state 5hrs behind my own timing, while my new boyfriend is snoring his dreams away! Trying to keep d convo as brief as possible till I drift into dreamland but still I enjoy the sweet names and deep discussions we always have, all I wished I had with my new boyfriend…..the change I long for…so close but yet so far away!

I love him but I’m not sure I can ever love him as I loved my ex…..Emerald was d best thing that can ever happen to a girl…..but yet he was my worst nightmare!! He is gone now I know but the memories just can never fade away!

Deeply, madly, truly in love…that’s the status I long for now…the kind of love that makes you shed tears of joy…I’m ready to give myself to “The One”…but I wonder if I’m ready to be “The other One”!

We keep falling for the beautiful liars and magically realize it’s all a wish….if wishes were Horses…..I would wish to rewind the hands of time to December 23rd, 2012 and ‘unmeet’ Him.

I remember……I met him as I paid the bar tender….his voice cooler than amber… sweet he was….his skin smooth as a new born, his eyes were warm…. his beauty……oh my that was out of dis world….his lips as pink as the inner caucus of strawberry…….what a romantic creature he was……he gave me all and I mean all of him……sex was epic and orgasmic and I would always say “no one can ever hit this pussy better than you”….his head game was the best ever since my existence….his love was pure and his sincerity was genuine…..and I keep asking mother nature……WHY….WHY ME????? Why do bad things happen to the best people??? He was my exact opposite, my 2nd half, my lucky charm…..he was AS, and me……SS!!!

“If Love had a face, it would be yours….made for me in false perfection……the best type of love….made for you to hurt me…I hate to have to leave you….oh your smell..takes me beyond feeling human….Everything is you”

The issues we face everyday is enough to make life unlovable… The single hoping for a good relationship, the relationships that were never meant to be, the rich man that doesn’t know who real friends are…the poor man that has so many friends around but never gets help…..the one who wakes up at 6am praying for a 8am-4pm job..the one who wakes up at 7am and should be at his desk by 8am but has to face traffic for 2hrs before getting to his desk…the ones that have excess and have no value for it and the ones that know what value is but has nothing!

Imagine Love as a profession, a lot of us will put in more effort to love everyday and not just a calender date “February 14th” but still…..let’s make it a memorable day of real love, not greed and power for us and our nation for the innocent lives lost during the battle!

Back to Bed!!!

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