yaaaay* I am sure I am even more excited than the winner sef.  It’s the first real contest on the blog, therefore, I have the right to be excited. This has got to be one hell of comment battle. Many thanks to all participants, you guys rock!!!

Basically, every piece sent in was just lovely, ofcourse some blew my mind and some left me speechless. The only way out for me was to pick a winner by the highest comments so far, that way, the palava was diverted from me to you….LOL

Anyways, we have a winner but before I announce the winner, let me remind you that the Valentines season promo offer is still on. You can place a paid post advert on here for as low as 1500 Naira (promo ends 28th February. Terms and conditions applied though. Do send a mail to to get started.

Now back to the real deal…of the 22 participants we had ‘My sister, My world’ submitted by Dako Alice Temitope and ‘A beautiful pain’ by Olufemi Fragile having a very close tie. Er…did someone mention ‘Broken Trust’ by Timilehin? Naaaa it had the highest scam comments. I will leave it at that.

As at 11am today, ‘A beautiful pain’ had 118 comments while ‘My sister, my world’ had 130 comments.

There you have it. The participant with the highest comment – Dako Alice Temitope is our winner. Dear Alice, Kindly send your account details. 😀

Thank you guys! We shall do this again.#5DaysToVals

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  1. I’m actually still in awe… I actually gave up completely on winning until last night my brother gingered me to send more bcs and all that.. I really appreciate everyone that left a comment and Elsie for the cash prize… The money is just a bonus, the lesson I learnt today was/is the main prize!!! I’m never giving up again

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