Happy Valentines day!!!

Happy Valentines Day dearies!

It’s a lovely day and basically I still have the same message I shared last year for you. Click here to read ‘REASSURANCE

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The last post for #5daystoVals Contests went up yesterday and I must confess some articles blew my mind. I am glad the burden of choosing a winner isn’t on me…LOL

If you haven’t read all 22 articles, kindly navigate round the blog to enjoy literature at its best filled with love and passion. Remember to drop a comment. And for those sitting and dropping comments on their own articles by themselves, this is Elsie dearie, I see you. Weldone o!

Enjoy this lovely piece sent in by John for your consumption

Looking back and tallying the years, I colorfully see the trails my heart have trod. When hope was lost, somehow your sublimed love came through to save me. Even in the deep of my despair, when dark was the noon and my doom was near. Your tender love was always there to deliver me from the snare.

I wouldn’t lie, I’ve felt and endure the dire pain entwined with the grim sorrows they brought. But ’twas all worth it. We’ve laughed, fought, kissed, hugged, and played. Well that’s us and in all these you are still beautifully cherished and mine. So trading you for any course is never an alternative.

I’ll be under the scorching sun waiting to be with you, I’ll go under the soothing showers of the rain to behold your enlivening smile even just for a moment, I’ll scream and crave for your love even in a blizzard’s shawl of curling cold for my heart is succulently toothed for you like a cactus, I’ll yearn for you even in pain when the skies crack and fall like silvers of mirrors.

For love and pain are companions in our lives. Just so you know, am forever engrossed in your glamour because you are my world, my eminent queen, am like the jewel in your crown, you are the sun so radiant and keen, am your sun rays igniting down, you are the sky so vast and blue, like the white clouds to your soul I glue, and am a stream elegant and taintless, who in your ocean finds his stillness.

I Love you baby…..

 happy valentines day

Happy Valentines day!!!

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