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love songs

(JUST US by Haruna Nuhu)Sweets, if you let me, I’ll be the reason you shineIts a secret, I want the world to know that you’re mineOn a serious note, communications could be betterSo am inclined to a telepathy, instead of a love letterThey can air our song on the radio, a hundred times a dayI figure when you hear it, you would stop and think of me while they playMany times we feel everyone in the world is aroundAll of them minus Us, how does that sound?I want to get to know you and be the reason you smileYou know where I’m from, you know at least some mileWhen times are toughTell me that I’m special, and not roughYou know they say diamonds are a girl’s best friendBut sometimes an unconscious fiendPrecious stones, could you put me before them?If so, I’ll see to it that they always around, crystal and gemIf I drop a jewel when we talk you can keep itGirl, you on my mind all the time, its a secretNow who knows what the future holds, we’ll be together probablyFor better or worst, like Whitney and BobbyIf you want to play, we can play pillow fightBut wait why pretend if you can move in, then we can play it really tightBefore I be your buddy in bed, let me be your best friend all throughMany thoughts makes me missing youGirl, its more than lustI want your trustYou keep it real with me,  I’ll keep it real with youBecause I know with you by my side, there’s nothing I can’t doChrystal, you deserve the bestNothing but the best, just forget the rest.Written by Haruna NuhuDedicated to his woman

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