Abako (pidgin series) – 3

abako - pidgin series

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If u think say na only book dem dey go read for Abako Community School, naim be say u join for d problem wey dey Abako.

Na two sessions naim dey Abako Community School. The morning session na for children wey come read book, while d evening session na for wetin oyibo dey call extra-curricular activities. Dis kind activities no resemble wetin we think say e be o. Who belle worry, na community school be e public toilet. In fact, Abako Community School na still relief centre.

Gamblers of all kind dey show there for evening come play gamble, kids wey dey nearby no dey slack for d matter too, na there dem dey play ball. If u dey find wia u wan kpom smoke weed, na community school b d best place. D place cool; if u get luck, one class fit dey open for u to relax blaze.

With all dis things wey dey happen for Abako Community School, e dey normal say all d pipu wey dia head no correct go dey stay there for evening. Any normal person for Abako know say e dey very dangerous to enter there for evening.

Yes! Normal person… But Shaba no normal. Luck no get leg for Abako, we for say e run against Shaba dat day. Shaba been no dey enter community school before, na new habit wey she start. She come go there pass her normal crib for uncompleted building. Nobody really notice; nothing concern anybody with mad woman waka.

During those times wey Shaba dey enter community school, d things wey dem dey see am with come dey surpise pipu; new clothes and provisions. Some pipu say na good Samaritan naim dash her those things. Shaba sef come happy well, Mama Tasty side no come too dey her mind.


“Dem no dey stay one place look masquerade…” That na Timo favourite yarn. Na hustler for Abako and nothing wey Timo neva do to put bread for table. He don mix with all kinds and e don do many runs. As elections don near, Timo don enter season for him hustle. All those politicians dey always get dirty job for him and e crew. Dem dey do d jobs without fear coz pesin wey e papa send tiff, na head he dey take break door. Their oga dem dey always dey there to bail dem from katakata.

This particular waka suppose easy. E no rish d one wey dem dey run before. But na small shit dey scata nyash. If dem expect am, maybe dem for no do. Dem say make dem gada youths for the area go do rally. Timo know d kind youths wey dem mean; no b today e start am. E don quick am arrange some strong men for d area, those ones carry squad come d rally.

Everytin soft for d rally dat day. Boys make tins hapun. If opposition dey there dat day, dem go believe. The oga happy wella and e drop well for boys. Naim be d rumour wey go round. Timo and e friend naim oga give d money direct to distribute give boys. Na wia man dey work, naim e chop; dat na common knowledge, so every man gats chill, wait for cheese.

Timo know how dis kind mata dey b, so e try avoid e own head. My guy share d money for d boss among dem make dem go share am by dia sef for d boys. Dat na d perfect way to take avoid all this cult boys wen dey Abako. As dem comot, Timo happy wella. He even plan to enta Mama place for evening with e guys.

For evening before news reach Timo, koti don surround Timo crib. Kasala burst dat evening. About two dead body dey wahala junction. Money wey dem dey share don cause beta fight for d area. D way dem take come b like say na Anini dem wan come burst. Dem no even let am cari e phone comot.

Na for back of police van naim Timo see wetin pass am, d tin even make am laff upon say murder case don dey e head. Na only him naim see wetin e see. Timo see Shaba dey comot from community school with no clothes, only pant wey don tear, her big belle don show wella. Wetin even surprise Timo d more b say one jeep just comot d school too, and e b like say dem drop rubber bag wey something full pass d jeep window. But Timo too dey far to see d car wellm talkless of to see d plate number.

Written by Chuky one pilla

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