‘You Are Stupid For Having Sex On First Date’ – 87-year-old Sex Therapist

'You Are Stupid For Having Sex On First Date' - 87-year-old Sex Therapist

Looking to bed the charmer you just met at the club? You might want to hit the brakes because mama says No!

“Sex on the first date is stupid,” Dr. Ruth Westheimer tells The Post. “Forget it! That’s a no-no!”

The 87-year-old sex therapist, who was on hand for Bloomberg’s annual Celebrity Charity Day on Wednesday, insists that those jumping the gun are putting their budding relationships in jeopardy.

“Do not be in bed with anybody unless you have a relationship, and unless you know it leads to sex,” she cautions. “No two people have any business in bed, naked, if they haven’t decided to have sex.”

While Westheimer does support those looking to find love in cyberspace — “I don’t want people to be lonely” — she also applauds those seeking love on the clock.

“If you are a woman interested in some man, go to the water cooler or go and have coffee at the same time that he or she goes,” says the relationship expert. “Don’t say, ‘I’m not going to have anybody at work,’ because that’s not realistic. You spend more time at the workplace than at home.”

Though Westheimer remains adamant that sex should follow the initial courtship, she promises that the end result is worth the wait.

“Once you do have sex and you do have a relationship,” she says, “you’re going to have the greatest sex ever.”

Source – Nypost

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