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Hey! I believe you read an article on what men want. If you missed out, kindly read up here to catch up. Then, we had a post on what women want by @millieIbe. Here’s the second version. Enjoy and feel free to add to the list.

I am going to try and write about some things that women want (assuming my opinion counts that is. lol).

I learnt recently that no one is the ‘right’ one but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some qualities that every reasonable and ‘functional’ guy should have. I am not talking about facial attributes or physique now because that never counts. I used to be a sucker for fine boys (I still am -_-  actually) but I realized that when you look at it, most of the guys that have issues are the fine ones. Lol….. Ok, I have started blabbing.

I actually consulted Google on this one and there were a lot of things from the list I made initially. That must mean I am right, yeah? I am writing the attributes I believe every reasonable lady wants in a guy, her order of priorities might differ from mine but trust me bros, she wants you to be these and maybe more sef. I am talking about ladies who want serious relationships by the way (chop and clean mouth ladies, keep off). Alright, in no order of importance………


I am placing this two together because I couldn’t separate them. Ladies want a guy that is supportive of what she does. Encourage and support her in her trade, her education and in whatever she does. I have come to realize that women are very strong and independent people but it is really nice when you are supportive of your woman. It just shows that you care. Also, be honest with her and tell her your opinion on things. Do not encourage rubbish, biko.


Now this is something that I might not be able to explain very well but i will try. Ladies want a guy that gives. It must not be money (some women want only money though), it could be gifts. You can take her out on surprise dates, it could even be your time. Whatever you are giving her, just make sure you do it cheerfully. It doesn’t make any sense if you give her 1million with a frown (some girls will still take sha) I am also not saying you should steal to make her happy. Truth is, you can give a girl the last drop of your blood and she still would not be interested in you. Just use your mind and give, even the most independent girl needs something now and then.


I put these attributes together because you should have at least two -_-. The least important is ‘handsome’ and I didn’t put that because you don’t have a say in that. You can make up for that by having a good dress sense and carriage or what lots of people say, swag. I do not mean that you should wear two chains or drop your trousers o, ehen. Eloquence and intelligence are very important too. That’s why you see a governor’s daughter falling in love with her mechanic (in nollywood movies). It’s simply because the guy can yarn. Girls want to be able to proudly introduce you to her friends and family without the fear of the unknown. Education doesn’t determine intelligence, in my opinion.


A trust worthy person might not be a trusting person so if a girl trusts you enough to tell you her deep, black secret(s) it is only expected that you should do the same. That includes how much you earn o, apparently, a lot of guys do not tell their women how much they earn. That is so not cool. Remember that this post is for the ladies that possess the attributes that was earlier posted in What Men Want. If you have a woman with all those attributes and maybe more then you do not have any reason not to divulge all information to her. I am sure honesty is self explanatory. Everyone knows that honesty pays, that doesn’t mean that you should commit atrocities because you know that you will be honest when she finds out o.


My dear, no woman likes her man to be a “mama’s boy”. In fact, your woman wants to be your mother, sister, friend, bestie, cousin, friend and all that. It sucks when you report issues to your mother or when you spend more time with your mother than with your woman. Girls are programmed to be jealous, we might even start suspecting that you are using your mother as an excuse to cheat -_-. Do not start a relationship until you are weaned from your mother, period.


If as a man, if you do not have ambitions, bros you never ready. No woman will ever take you serious if you are not ambitious and industrious. Let it be obvious that something is your driving force. If you are rich and lazy, there is still a big problem o. There is something about an industrious man that makes ladies swoon. A handy man nkor? How can you be a man and you cannot change a light bulb? Of what use are you? That’s why ladies cheat on their men with gardeners and plumbers. You must not gym everyday to have strength o, well work outs are good but I did not say you must have six packs before a woman takes you seriously.


Le guy should be friendly to everyone; it is a very attractive quality. Smile often; it gains you points from her, her family and her friends. Now being caring entails doing a lot. You have to actually know what makes her tick and care about them; her family, her job, studies even her body. You have to be understanding too. If she can’t cook that fried rice because she was extremely busy at work, eat the indomie with love and tomorrow she will pound yam and cook bush meat for you. Consistency in my opinion means being there always. It could also mean being firm, steadfast, persistent (not in a bad way though).


If as a man, you notice the little changes in your woman (both good and bad) then you are on track. It’s sweet when you notice that she has a new shirt on. It’s sweet when you know when she’s having PMS. It’s sweet when you know her menstrual cycle. This actually helps a lot.  It is sweet when you tell your woman ‘thank you’ when she gives you a meal. I am sure you love it when someone appreciates you for a work well done, be quick to do same. Same goes for giving compliments….it always works. I did not say flatter o, I said give compliments.


A neat man is a walking turn-on!!! Say no to body odors and mouth odors. There is absolutely no excuse. I need not dwell on this, it is self explanatory.


I can’t tell you how to be loving but just try to be. Beating is not in any way affiliated with love by the way. Romance is something I can hardly talk on too but visit google to learn how to be romantic. I sha know that it pays to be a good kisser and to know how to satisfy a sister in bed. Humility is extremely important; pride is a huge turn off (for most of us). Humor is something that is important for me because I love laughing, if you can’t make me laugh then someone else definitely will.


I don’t know what to write about this. The only thing I am sure of is that when jealousy grows into possessiveness, it is not sweet anymore. When a man is not jealous, it is not sweet too.


Guy, you must fear God. Whatever religion you are, your God must be feared. It seems easy but the truth is if you fear God, you would never hit that lady. Cheating would be hard too. Lying and all the other things that she complains about would also be a thing of the past. I know that this is not the conventional description of a God fearing guy but I am the one writing so it’s my choice. You know what it means to be God fearing? Be just that.

Jenifer @Jjshughar www.shughar.com


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  1. Nice post! but the question is are the women making any effort to be the kind of persons men dream of??? There saying, you have no right to ask for a good man until you become a good woman yourself. You must first meet the requirements of your requirements.

    1. Hmmmm nice post…@obinna both man and woman should make efforts to be the kind of spouse each other dream of…it’s vice versa, it shouldn’t be one sided.

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