Searching for the Keys

Searching for the Keys - elsieisy blog

By Scott Thomas Outlar

You emit a powerful magnetic chargetoward which I am drawnwithout fully being able to explain how or why,and I can’t be sure where the pull is taking mebut I know I like it;my hands are off the wheel, up in the air,as this ride carries me along in a whirlwind. Your smile is electric lightningwith a side of thunder roaringup from the depths of consciousness,and I want to be struckby the primordial energy of the storm. Your eyes run deeper than my soul has seen in ages,and when I have the chance to stare into themI become lost in a universe I forgot existed.All I know is that I need to stay presentin those spaces where time stands stilland everything else in the world slows downto a point of perfectly relaxed bliss. Your soft skin is as smooth as silk; it feels like God incarnatein the flesh, upon the earth, in my bed.I just want to hold you in my arms,crawl inside your chest, and beat in rhythmto the pulse that your heart sings withuntil our dual frequencies become as one,if only for a moment, if only for a single note.Image – Sarah Etinosa Ehigiamusoe – Award Winning Media Personality (Radio/TV)

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