Income, spending and relationship; what ladies must know

From inception, man has always being seen as the provider and the woman – the helper. Even though these days the helper might be very capable of taking up the providers’ role, it doesn’t change green to blue. Therefore, as a man, you should be able to cater to your woman’s needs as much as you are capable of.Needs, for what it’s worth, doesn’t necessarily have to be financial but for the purpose of this post, we talking finance – money – ego – owo – Kudi.How do you quantify a man’s spending habit? Is it by what he gives you? How he gives it? Or what his bank account says?Before I go further, I will like to buttress the fact that the intention behind ‘what is given’ should be weighed and paid more attention to than what is given.Check the image below out:BaronWhen it comes to income, spending and relationship, a woman needs to be very careful not to make the worst mistake of her life when choosing a life partner without weighing her options thoroughly. Money isn’t happiness but Money aids happiness and is very essential for a happy home. However, your partner’s spending habit matter must be put into consideration. There are different angles to this but i will stick to the one we have in the image above for today.From a very tender age (well, sorry my brain and ears got exposed before every other part of my body), I have been one to believe that what a rich man gives you shouldn’t be in any way quantified to what an up and coming guy gives you. I remember telling a friend of mine that I would rather stick with a guy who earns 70,000 and magnanimously spends 30% off his earnings on me than one who drives a Porshe car, earns millions and I have to raise memo to get 100,000 from and to top it all, I still jump okada to work at the end of the day.Why would I sit in front of a sedan today with my boo abi na bae una dey call am now, forming all prosche and creamy, then the next minute I am inside one keke planning to jump on the next okada…(Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong in taking public transport, it’s a means of transportation. It’s just sad that our government obviously has too many anti-corruption matters on ground to think giving us more comfort and kicking out some dead traps on the road in the name of buses. Never mind, we shall get there *sobs*)I am not trying to say a rich guy should flip you inside out and get you a car just because he wants you to be his girlfriend. The point I am trying to make here is, you need to love your man enough and support him to getting his own millions. I know ladies have been betrayed in the past by these men. They begin to see the one who stood by them as not befitting the luxury lifestyle but you won’t cut off the whole hand because your finger hurts.It’s high time we ladies begin to understand and appreciate the guy’s who really care about us than going after money without head.Stop leaving a guy who is hardworking, ambitious, has prospects and to top it all, spends 50% percent of his income on you just to see you happy for the one who merely spends 1% just to get you in bed. Use your tongue to count your teeth biko.However, this doesn’t mean you as a guy shouldn’t work hard o. I am not there o. I am out!  

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