Feminism and marriage

Hangout with Elsieisy

Asides religion, politics and sex, feminism is one topic that gets people crawling on each other’s neck on/off-line.

In my opinion, most ladies now see feminism as a means to stay away from their marital duties or what we seem to have tagged ‘African woman marital duties’. Many have reduced feminism to an act that saves them from washing and cooking. Little do they know that technology already saved them from washing at least, as long as you can afford such luxury.

I understand the situation whereby people believe washing with a machine cannot be as clean as washing with the hands, and I still wonder……I’d rather keep my thoughts on this one.

If you are as confused as most of us are on the issue of Feminism and marriage then lay your confusion to rest at the hangout with Elsieisy. We’d be having one of the strongest and most passionate voices on feminism in Nigeria, Joy Isi Bewaji at the ‘Hangout with Elsieisy’. She will be speaking on ‘Feminism and Marriage’ on the 12th of September 2015.

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Hangout with Elsieisy

Joy Isi Bewaji is the editor of www.happenings.com.ng.

She runs a lifestyle show for the prestigious NASCO brand on radio called #NascoMoments. She is the author of Eko Dialogue; What Pain May Bring, and an audio book titled: Tina’s Shoes and Love Issues.

She is the creator and convener of #TheConversation- a movement that addresses patriarchy and gender equality.

Joy inspires. She questions. She builds. She is one of the strongest and most passionate voices on feminism in Nigeria.

An all-round media personality, Joy Isi Bewaji has anchored major breakfast shows on HiTV and TVC; influencing issues that define common discourse in society.

Come one, come all to the hangout with Elsieisy and be educated. Understand what feminism is all about and don’t be mislead.

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See you soon!!!

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