What women want


Studies over and over again have shown that ultimately women want resources. However, on taking a closer look at these studies and the women involved, it become clear that women of the current ‘marriable and dateable’ age haven’t been well represented at all.

Nowadays women are capable of providing themselves with all the needs they originally had to rely on men for. More women are graduating than men and as we transition into a service based economy men are losing footing in the job market. As for protection, let’s just say we have come a long way from the cave days. If a woman can pay her rent, for the most part, she will be safe. Of course men still have dick to offer, but at the rate dildos and vibrators are advancing combine with the clueless position most men are stuck on in bed, the future isn’t too bright. Not to mention with female sexuality becoming less restricted and male willingness to accept booty calls, sex is pretty much becoming available on demand for women

So what is the 21st century woman looking for? What can you offer the woman that already has it all?


It sounds almost absurd, but this is the truth of the matter. For many years men have escaped being present emotionally and women have been forced to let this slide, but not anymore. Gone are the days when you could make a woman fix you a sandwich while you watched the game. The modern woman wants your attention so guys better pick your game up and I don’t mean the Xbox controller. The age of the independent woman is finally here and there is no going back.

Gender roles have pretty much disappeared, if you cannot be there in person and mind, there is some guy out there waiting for you to drop the ball and he is willing to pick it up even before it hits the ground. Looks like men will actually be forced to evolve emotionally. Tough times ahead boys.

Written by William Moore - willifmoore.com
Written by William Moore – willifmoore.com

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