Help – I am in love with a girl in my office


Hi  dearies, i got this message this morning and would love us to help a brother. Unrequited love is never easy. What would you say to him. Guys help your nigga and Ladies please give an advice from a lady’s perspective. Kindly use the comment box. Thank you

Good morning Elsie. There is a girl in my office that I really love and I have asked out going to two years now and she has refused to date me. She currently does not talk to me now and I’m loosing focus. please help me how can I get her because I really love her because everything about me desire her. please I really need your advice. Thanksadvice please elsieisy


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  1. Good morning pals, my questions to the guy is as follow: Have you really asked her out? What’s your behaviour like in the office(since you guys are in the same office some of us do not like or dare to get involved in office romance)? Have you ever asked her if you are her kind of guy? We all have ourt spec(s)

  2. Bro, you love a girl you haven’t even been on one date with? I guess we have different ideas of what love is. I hate to come down hard on you but quite frankly I think this girl isn’t feeling you because you sound like a wuss and reek of desperation. Are you familiar with the saying that nice guys finish last? You need to be a man, women hate weakness in men. It goes against everything attraction stands for. Don’t know if you can make it turn around after failing for two years. But my advice is that you should hang back. Sometimes you find that girls chase you after you leave. I even have experience with this. Man up bro, no dey fall our hand. I don’t know how compatible you two are if you can love her so much and she can’t even show you face. Anyways, good luck loverboy 🙂

  3. Long shot… Get out of the obsession.. Stop trying to get her, she will get you…shey you get? Trying to force your love on a lady makes her get irritated… stop trying to love, every guy looks miserable in that condition and no lady wants to be hit by a miserable guy not to now talk of a colleague… Be friendly, reduce your poetic approach to jokes, become her friend instead and stop asking her out… Ignore her a little, let her wonder why you’re not sulking a little, let her miss you a little, and the next joke your crack (dry or wet) will sound funny to her even if it is not directed at her.Ehm before I go on, maybe your financial status doesn’t really meet her standards too, you work in thesame office and she probably has an idea of your pay… she’s definitely considering a whole lot more …minus the love you profess… Secondly, office paroles are not always the purest, soome sane ladies are always too careful not to become the gist element… and from the way you sound, you ain’t the coded kinda guy… you winning card is to get out of your pathetic inlove situation and take charge… sympathy don’t work this days… Take it from her perspective a little, maybe you’ll find out why she’s saying no or why she can’t say yes…

  4. Take your love elsewhere bro; if @ all she feels a thing for you, irrespective of the office formalities, there’s no way she would have hidden it for 2years. Truth is she doesn’t care what you feel.. She prolly wants/belongs 2 another.. And Yes! I think you’ve spent too much time giving her attention..too much attention. Girls love attention, perhaps they deserve 2 be pampered, but guys deserve to be loved too – you deserve to be happy… Ce’fini

  5. ‘Ma ppl ow una dey?’ Dude please wake up! 2 years with so much love and you couldn’t even get enough of her attention or proly a date? stop sleeping on an okada start with the what ifs;1. You start dating her and she dumps you for the same reason she didn’t want you for the past years? You’ll be worse than this.2. She aint even feeling you atall? even if she’s manages to be with you for some “God knows what reasons” She’s still gonna leave your sorry ass.3. Maybe she just doesn’t want a guy for now? She wants to be focused4. … ‘Story yen long gan, sho ti yee?!’I’d advice you get your focus on point and work on your priotized dreams, maybe she might just be able to want your attention if you finally become the type of guy that interest her.Its sad good guys get to suffer this way tho, buh u gotta let go for now and try not to loose your job! ‘Cause she no go even wan see your broke ass nigga’Ishe yen ni yen oo… Ma lo goor ooh!!!@my heart, she mo try?!

  6. Bros, move on! Girls dey form, true! But 2 years is too long to form. She simply doesn’t love you. It is that simple. Btw, office romance? Really????? You are also loving from a distance…… How are u sure that when u get to reallyyy know her u’d still be in love? Also, who says you are ‘lovable’?

  7. quite agree wt shughar wen she said “girls dey form” but for 2yrs? Haba!!! Dats a long tym nau. Anyway back to d dude in question,U said n I quote “I really love her” n to dat I’l say, u ‘v nt had d chance to go on a single date wt her n u r already in love wt her? U dnt knw her character n u r in love wt her? Plz bro I’ll put it to u dat u dnt love her, u just lust after her.Secondly, u said u r loosing focus cos she’s nt talking to u huh? To dat I say, look for a course in life n get focused, babe way neva enter ur life dey make u loose focus, what ll den happen wen she comes into ur life wt all her girly wahala (trust we ladies naau, our trouble u can’t contain if u aint man enof) ???

  8. Hmmmm Same office? Won’t work! Tell him that if he’s wise he should look for someone outside his workplace.

  9. Nonsense story.If you don’t want to lose your job or respect in a corporate environment, don’t date a colleague.You can only try that in civil service..

  10. Beta dnt loose focus or else u loose ur job with it. Dat can’t be possible unless he has found anoda job

  11. hmm but dating ur colleague in the same organisation is one of the office and dating no no’s naeither way, u’ve asked and she has said no so i suggest u just let be. i doubt if she will succumb ma sef.

  12. step up your game: women love men in position and also men with great personality and self esteem. Stop Chasing her about for just a moment, improve on yourself and she would come running to you

  13. Jus saying out my mind,I”ll not like 2 date a collagues in d ist place,guy face urlife $ do tins dat will make u 4get her

  14. Bro i think you should let her go, cause, if a lady really feels something for u, she wouldn’t keep saying NO to u for as long as two years.if a girl loves u she would be with u, so stop wasting ur time with her and look for someone who loves u and wanna be with u

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