Dear Elsians, I need help!!

Dear Elsians, I am speechless on this one. I got this mail yesterday and I follow una need help self. Kindly read through and give your 50kobo advice. You would find comment box below as usual. Thanks

“Pls ma, I’m actually going through an emotional trauma right now. My man just called it quit, though not through fight or whatever.

I am from the eastern (igbo) and he is from the western. And we’ve been dating now for quite some time and he made it known to me that he really wanna get married to me. I really do love him too. He made me so close to his friends and his siblings and cousins except his mom and dad, because his mom is late and his dad is a very busy type, but since we were still just still dating I wasn’t bothered about not meeting his dad yet.

Now, the problem is, he’s a BSc holder and working fine and he has an establishment too, but I am just an OND holder, which I still plan to further but not having enough source because of family background. He is aware of all this.

We’ve been together for 10months.

Just recently I suspected he was having another affair with another girl, so when I confronted him, he denied at first, but later opened up to me that it was true. I asked him his reason, and he said “I wanna get someone I can be serious with” and someone with a BSc‎. He pleaded with me on his kneels when I started weeping because it was so shocking to me. Like I wasn’t good enough for him? Please ma I really need your advice…”

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  1. Its obvious he neva loved you unconditionally, all you need to do is pick up ur life and move on. You will surely find someone dat truly loves you.

  2. Abeg, i don’t understand. Which help do you need? Help to understand that you were dating an idiot all along? It’s not rocket science to see that he was playing with you all along na. Who breaks up over academic status(and you even go school sef o).My dear, you are lucky you found out on time. Ten months is better than one year or five years.Dust yourself up and chill for the ‘real man’ that will love you. I know OND holders that are smarter than holders so that one no be talk. He never loved you, simple.If you feel like having a is the only way a man will love you then you are on a long thing.the baba didn’t want to get serious with you, dassal.Anyways, my advice is, enlighten yourself. If the reason why he broke up with you is because you don’t have a, then it’s either he is not smart enough or you are not smart enough. I don too talk.I wish you all the best… Deuces!

  3. mumu guywill like to know the Guy’s age because wat bsc/ond gat to do with relationship shld be explained.Just tell the babe you don’t love her anymore instead of giving silly excuse

  4. “I asked him his reason, and he said “I wanna get someone I can be serious with”She jus got d answer to all her question… He wasn’t serious with her, she shud pack d broken pieces of her heart and move on

  5. Guys will always be guys….Though it might be painful buh remember everything that happens in this Earth is God’s Plan and Work..He might dropped you and go for another person doesn’t mean you ain’t good enough..My sister, just move on with your career and God’s destined hubby will given unto you…LoveDanceVille..

  6. Babe move on with your life and further your education. Don’t let any1 intimidate you, life is too short for that bull$hit

  7. So Bsc means say she go get money or make a better wife?If him no want u, move on, u will definitely get someone who wants u for u

  8. Let her just move, he doesn’t deserve her, if having an OND can be one of the reasons he is dumping you, there will be no for better or worse in the marriage. During ur worse he will just dump you

  9. so what advice do u still need? Move on and study to get ursef a degree. Many good men are on your way please

  10. #sighsI know and I am very sure heart break doesn’t kill people.he wants to get someone he can be serious with… go!!!!You don’t have B.SC…

  11. He was never serious with you. That was a stupid reason to break up considering the fact that you even have an ond. I really think girls should understand that a guy introducing you to all his family members really doesn’t mean shit.

  12. When i say ‘I need help’ i was thinking the matter was serious o…It doesn’t matter if he introduces you to the world o that isn’t grounds for marriage….even pple that have dated for 9years still walk away and marry other people and their family and friends still celebrate with them. Just go your way and let him be…grades has got nothing to do with this. Like @Shughar said ‘It’s not rock science’

  13. Maybe it’s something else…maybe you’re not romantic enough, maybe you don’t have a good dress sense or maybe you have a notably bad habit that he’s scared won’t change. Some guys won’t mention stuffs like that to a lady.It’s definitely not the OND.Search yourself and move on to better things.

  14. Well, just pray for him that his Bsc wife gives him a Bsc home too.It’s not easy but life has to go on

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