I didn’t know I was also jazzing him, Help me!

Dear Elsians,

What I did, I did out of love and protection but now I’m scared. People might ask me to confess what I’ve done but it’s easier said than done. Twelve years ago I met this guy and fell immediately in love with him. Two years into our relationship when he had started hinting about marriage a strange girl almost broke our relationship apart.

It was plain to see she didn’t love him and was just there for his money. The love of my life started to change before my eyes. He didn’t care about no one but this girl. Even his friends and families started to complain. He broke up with me because of her and my world almost stopped. The day I went to his house to reason with him, the place was a mess. Dishes everywhere, dirt lying about and I was shocked.

Already his sisters told me how he spends on the girl and she doesn’t lift a finger to do chores in the house whenever she’s around and he even cooks for her when they don’t go out to eat. I knew this wasn’t normal and prayed about it but things got worse.

A friend of mine told me I had to do something fast. She told me she was going to take me to see this prophet who will help me. I followed her and when we got there he told me my boyfriend was under an enchantment, that the girl has given him love portion that she put in her vagina.

He said if I want my boyfriend back I should do as he says. He asked me to come with a white hen and fifty thousand naira. Although I was scared but my friend convinced me to do it. The next day I went with these items and after he said some words I didn’t get to hear in a cup, he slaughtered the hen, poured the blood in a cup and asked me to take off my cloths. I was scared but I had already come this far so I did. He creamed my body with the blood. He didn’t spare any part of my body.

He rubbed it on my breast and even in my vagina ( I was so afraid and ashamed) then he told me to stand like that for 3 hours. To cut a long story short, he gave me the hen, asked me to cook for him and then get him to make love to me. The next day I went to his place in the guise that I want to help him clean the house up. After cleaning the house which was really filthy I prepared the meal for him. After he ate and went to the bedroom to relax I walked in on him naked. He did try to resist me but I pleaded while touching him places. I begged him that I missed him so let this be the last time and I promise to stop bugging him.

We made love again and again. I remembered the prophet said ‘you should make sure he doesn’t use a condom’, so I made sure he had exhausted the ones he had and thankfully he had only two so I reached out to him the third time and when he said he can’t cause there was no more condoms, I told him I was safe and we made love the last third time.

I went home and after seven days of waiting he came begging on his knees. That was how we finally got married. Now we’ve had eight happy years of married life with two beautiful kids but I’m not a happy person. My conscience won’t let me sleep. The worst of them all my friend came to me and said I have to renew what I did because it expires every eight years. I can’t go through with that ordeal again. I swear I didn’t know I was also jazzing him. I thought what that man did was to break the spell that girl had on my man. Please readers help me. What do I do?

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  1. Na wa o, the guy don suffer, after he strike magic t*to finish, he come chop spiritual hen and another magic tot* to counter the spell, oya make the woman go renew the subscription na, since na magic tot* her husband come fu** for life.

  2. She should first ask for the consequences, if they are not lethal, she should damn them. She had spent relatively seven years of bliss, that is not more than what some people hope for.OrGo to a fire brand pastor, confess and be delivered.

  3. THIS ONE IS STRONG!!!!!BUT OBVIOUSLY, the shít is just like DSTV#YouGottaRenewYourSubscription.So quit whining and go do the needful.#MenUnderMassAttack.

  4. This is supppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeerrrrrr ssstttooooooooooooooorrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

  5. Well, u knew wht u wr doin then but because u wntd your man bak, u went as far as visitg a fake prophet. Y dd u not leav him with d lady and find ur way? U should av realised dt devil cannot gv u smtg freely. Now u are lamentg aftr u av destroyed his life. U should acept Jesus into your life and make amends or else d effect of dt wch u dd is coming bak to hunt u. Never go bak to dt fake prophet. Its Jesus u need.

  6. This one na Typical Niaja Movie …Naija actors no dey carry last for disss Kinn FilmI would have say you should Confess your Sin to your Husband … But the Repercussion eeehn EehnMake i go Buygala small

  7. better hurry up and rejazz before the jazzer applies the jazz to another jazzee. . . . . . . . . .what i mean is rejazz before the jazz is given to another jazzer to apply to your jazzee. . . . . . .anyway, i’m sure you get the point.Men, rolling from one jazzed vagina to another since the year 10,000.end times.

  8. Nawao….8years ago and all subscription (dstv, mtn, gotv, etc) don high now oooo….Expect high rate of subscrption from the Baba…

  9. I think the best option is to meet ur pastor, confess to him and ask him to invite ur husband, both of u have to be present in the meeting, then confess in front of him and plead for forgiveness, it will be hard for him to digest, but u seem like a nice person and ur conscience is killing u for what u did, for u to relieve urself of that guilt it’s better u confess but don’t do it with just him, u need to tell ur pastor as well to be there. But my dear, one more thing be prepared for anything its a two way thing, either he gets angry and forgives u later or he gets angry and ask u to live. The choice is urs but do the right thing

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