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BODEThey had gone off and I was left with Latifah who was obviously feeling sorry for Ben as she had stared at the Taxi as it sped off till it was out of sight. A girl with a heart of gold I thought to myself as I held her hands and led her to Sesan’s room. Room was pretty neat and organized today apparently no gambling had taken place today.

You want anything to drink?” I asked as I was struck by the irony that I’d have to go to her mum’s shop to get her something to drink. She must have caught on as she laughed and answered me in the negative. I managed to join her in laughing as I calculatively sat down pretty close to her. O boy, today I must hit jackpot o.. As Boka would say during PS2 betting, make sure say you first shot na goal.

So what do you want to do?” Was the next thing that came out of her mouth, I swallowed my spit thinking if I should be direct and straight to the point.

Well depends on your plans, do you know how to play PS?”, where that came from, I don’t know o, it seems it just dropped off my tongue.The look she gave me was one the devil himself couldn’t muster. Did she feel insulted? Her next words killed me.

I am horny and you are talking about PS, what kind of guy are you self?”My jaw literally dropped to the floor. This was more than jackpot. I fucking just won the Bellagio floor. Suddenly I was sweating, not trickles, It was like a whole bucket of water had been poured on me.

Jeez! What’s wrong with you, why are you sweating like this?”, She stretched out a hand to unbutton my shirt. Done with that, she stood up and went to spread the curtain open and opened the door too, leaving it slightly ajar.

No, close the door, I am fine”, in reality, I didn’t want some peeping Tom to ruin my show.

Leave it jor, this room sef is hot enough”, she walked back towards me but didn’t sit. Chei, Bode weldone you have blown your luck. Boy, was I wrong! Latifah reached behind the top she had on and was slowly pulling it off over her head. She stopped right above her head with hands suspended in the air. Her boobs looked like prisoners of war in her purple-laced bra struggling to be free of their imprisonment. This is dangerous, my own dick was beginning to feel like a prisoner too. I adjusted my position and stretched out my legs. She finally had her top fully off. Standing before me in only her jeans trousers, I could see beads hanging peacefully around her waist. I started feeling aching pains between my legs.

Latifah knelt down and slowly crawled up the little distance between us. I swallowed again. She placed a hand on my thighs and start rubbing me. Hell couldn’t be hotter than this room at the moment.

Let see wetin you carry sef”, without waiting for me to digest the sentence, her hands were on my belt buckle…..I closed my eyes, this was turning out to be better than any movie I have ever watched. I could feel her hands in my boxers now and slowly grabbing my dick which was now no longer part of my body. I adjusted once more as she started stroking me, she pulled it out in the open and I had my eyes open just in time to see her mouth going down on my cap.

Oluwa, this is serious, so girl really suck dicks, I thought it only happened in porn movies. My dick was feeling hot in her mouth, this could just be the best feeling I have ever had. She sucked and licked all around my balls, grabbed one of my balls and kissed it. She kept stroking me while doing this and I was about to say something when errrrm my dick erupted and I spilled all over her face and hand. Fuck! My eyes automatically shut closed. What the hell had just happened?

I opened one eye to look at her and see her reaction..her look was indifferent as she was wiping off my cum off her face.“I don’t know what to over-excitement kill you abi wetin?”, She asked with a voice that had a tone of malice.

“I,I,I,I don’t ” ..I can’t believe I’m stammering.

It’s enough, sha come and eat my pussy well abi you have released all over me and I haven’t”, he cut my excuse short.

Eat pussy ke?! Again, I believed this only happened in porn movies. How do they eat pussy? Those in the movies only lick them na. I didn’t know how to ask her. And I obviously couldn’t say I wasn’t going to eat her pussy. So I watched as she peeled her jeans off her hips and rolled her panties down with it. I saw a clean shaved pussy staring right at me. I watched as she came towards me. Pushed me back till I was lying flat on the bed and she climbed over my face. Till her pussy was right over my mouth.Save me o. How was I to do this now o? I gulped then slowly let out my tongue and reached for her pussy. It felt sticky as my tongue felt it and tasted like garden eggs or something. Couldn’t really place the taste. I heard her whisper ‘Good boy’ and I felt I was on the right track. This gave me more courage as I started licking the pussy. Every time my tongue got stuck in her hole, I’d pull it out immediately. I kept going at this for what seemed like eternity and felt I was doing a pretty good job till I felt something sting my ears! Latifah just dug her fingernails deep into my ears and shouted at me.

Eat that pussy proper and stop licking around jor!

Eat bawo., what was I to do again? My dick gave me the answer. Thank God, I was hard again. I would fuck her ehnn, she would forget pussy-eating or whatever she called it. I had to act sharp and fast about it. I grabbed her thighs on both sides and in a swift move I flipped her over. Yes! Got it! Before she could say a word, I was sticking my dick up her pussy. I wasn’t that big but there was no way she wouldn’t feel it. I look at her face for confirmation and her mouth had formed a large O. Good! LeggoI thrusted in hard and deep.

Yeeee”, she screamed out

I thrusted again, this time harder

God”, this was a moan

I was doing well as I delivered the third thrust and the fourth. I didn’t hear anything from her so I looked up again at her face and saw she was just looking at me with a frown on her face.

What’s wrong?”, I paused and asked

You are asking me? Look down

And I looked down to see my sperm dripping out her pussy and my already deflated dick. Oh no, I had shot my load after barely three thrusts. I couldn’t even move as she pushed me off her and made for her clothes. I don’t know how long I closed my eyes for or if I dozed off sef but when I opened them she was gone. I looked down at the bed and it was a mess. I didn’t know how to feel, just got up and started cleaning up. Went to get water from the well and showered. I just sat in front of the room on the pavement and started thinking about suicide.I was still lost in my thoughts when the guys arrived back. Boka had a black eye and what looked like bloodstains on his shirt.

SESAN“What happened to Boka”?, was the first question Bode asked. Yeye boy didn’t even ask how we had sorted out Ben’s wahala.

The stupid Ben didn’t cum after over an hour of fucking o. An angry Anita has stormed out of the room saying she wanted no more. It had taken lots of pleading and an extra three thousand naira before she had agreed to fuck Ben some more. And it had taken another thirty minutes before the stupid Ben of a boy finally released. All in all, it took only ten minutes for Boka to receive his black eye. I had wanted to intervene but Bello had pulled my hand back and motioned to the TV up on the wall. A replay of the match between Liverpool and Chelsea was on. A classical match. Chelsea won but two goals to nil, we know but what Bello was simply trying to tell me was that Chelsea was more important than Boka. And that Boka deserved a beating or two to learn his lesson. I agreed and had sat down back. Ben came out with a sagged face and had made us all wait while he gulped down four bottles of big stout! And all these while my merry cousin was at home having the fuck of his life…..O well!

BODEI couldn’t help laughing when I heard all about how Boka had gotten his black eye. It was really crazy.

But Bode, shey you know say you be stupid boy sha”, Ben spat out as I was laughing.

Abeg, what did I do o?”, I stopped laughing.

If to say na so I go die, na so you go just allow me. Girl wey no be your wife, no be even your girlfriend, make I fuck am. You no gree

I wonder o”, Boka too spoke up. Surprised he could still talk sef considering he had been quiet ever since they got back.

I should have let you fuck Latifah what for? I love her and she is my girlfriend. Besides does she look like a prostitute?, I was getting angry.

Why he go allow you fuck am? He cook soup finish, you con carry spoon wan chop am first. Which kain parole be that one”, Sesan stepped in just at the right time. The he turned to me.

How va, you fuck her well?

After “Cooking soup” I obviously couldn’t tell the guys I didn’t fuck her well.

Omo, I really fuck her o! She was screaming and I was just happy nobody was around

Coreect!! Oshe!!! Wa gbayyi! That’s my couz!” , Sesan was grinning from ear to ear.

“She came about three times and I had not yet cum at all.. She just started sucking me till I release for her mouth and she swallow”

Chineke, that girl dey suck and swallow?”, Ben shouted

Yes oo, that her mouth was heaven”!

Bode, you no go die better and you no allow me fuck the girl”, the rest of us bursted out laughing as Ben started cursing.

Eyin boys yii!”, a feminine voice interrupted us. We all looked up to see one of our prostitute neighbors walking towards us. She looked like one of the ladies who had been fighting the day I had moved in here.

Haa iyawo, una don come back from una wedding. Wetin una bring come”, Sesan welcomed her.

We bring our body come, you go chop?, Ole

If I hear!”, Sesan replied with a laugh.

I don come check all of una for Sesan room. We bring small rice come but none of una dey house. Na only sharp shooter dey inside house with that Iya Nuru daughter

Jesus! Hope she didn’t………

Haa Yemisi, so you go dey peep watch film”, Ben attacked her.

Which yeye film? Film wey no last one minute. As she dey touch him prick like this, him don dey pour for body. She never even put am inside her toto

I looked down immediately. Now I really had to commit suicide!

Episode VIII

Written by BASS @OlumiCFC


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