Beyond The Dark Times

I sat alone in my room all day thinking, at some point I began to ask God, when will this season of my life be over? I reminisced on the things that had happened from the beginning of the year and of course I thanked God for His faithfulness but a part of me craved for more than I had gotten. I wish I was a lot better than I’m now, I wish I could do all I wanted to do, I couldn’t help but wish all day long. I also wish I could cause some things to change in my life for good (you remember like Jesus prayed that the cup should pass over Him?)

After spending so much time alone, in other to get a break from this draining thought process I decided to go to a mini-market across the street to get some items pending on my shopping list, and just few steps away from home, I started hearing voices and I saw young adults dressed in black clothes passing by with their faces filled with pity and grief. My mind was preoccupied so I cared less about them or whatsoever might have happened but as I got close I realized they were actually doing a *candle light service* Now I became more concerned when I saw the picture of the late young man carried by one of the men in the group. I’m sure at the beginning of the year he made a New Year resolution, maybe at the beginning of the month or this week he had made a promise to someone or proposed in his heart what he would do for him or her by the end of the month but today he is no more

At that point, I forgot about what wasn’t going right in my life. Beneath my breathe I whispered “thank you Jesus for the gift of life

I think someone reading this post also needs to say these words maybe boldly this time THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE GIFT OF LIFE. Yes, I agree that things may not be going well, you may not have gotten that promotion yet, you may still be looking for a job, you may still be rushing from one *danfo* to another, things may not going as planned but that doesn’t change the fact that you are alive.

What is life without accomplishments you may ask? The fact that you are alive means that God is with you and He is making all things to fall in place for you. It may not make sense now but keep thanking Him even when you feel you have no reason to.

You are alive, you can eat, they are not passing pipe through you and you are reading this post. It is not as bad as you may think it is. So THANK HIM FOR THE LITTLE MIRACLES AND WATCH HIM DO WONDERS IN YOUR LIFE.beyond dark times

This life is a gift, so thank Him for the package you open on a daily basis or are you thinking otherwise?

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Written by Dora Ndidi


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  1. It worth being thankful, It worth being gratefull….. THANK YOU GOD FOR THE GIFT OF LIFE ALWAYS….

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