Our Gluttonous Kitchen Servants

Our Gluttonous Kitchen Servants - elsieisy blog

By Williams Ibrahim

Would you take a look at our majestic dynasty?Sparkling in an excellent luminosity of our past victors.But now, so dent, so gloomy, so vague of prosperous future(s). Would you take a look at our majestic dynasty?So awe and pale. Once beautiful, now fadeBrilliance of the head,Dullness of the body Would you take a look at the fact?That our mansion is so wide, so blessed and intactYet we have multitude of destitute inmatesSuffering and starving. Though we have 36 plates and 360 kitchen maids. Would you take a look at the fact?That these destitute and hungered inmates,Thumbed for your appointmentYet you leave them disappointed. The 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,even you the 8th.Is that fair? I heard the head chef and assistant reduced their meals.And that the kitchen servants ask for deals.So fortune of a 36+1 pillared mansionIn case you were not told,The price of our ingredients are now more expensive than the meals. Our kitchen servants ask for more.Our kitchen servant had beforeOur kitchen servants were never poorYet our kitchen servants eats with paws Our dear kitchen servants,I heard you want money for more aprons, caps and head gears.I heard you want what some inmates generations would not hear, Of luxury and treasury.You all are doing your works.Ambassadors of poverty Prepare for us food of aromasNot clustered agbada, white brocades, nice Chinese satin, lace and bracelets and not shrouds of guinea. Oh kitchen servants. Don’t make you post a reason to imprison your god(s)Don’t make your post a reason to finish our seasonings in making your selfish cuisines.Take heed oh kitchen servants.Image source – telegraph.co.uk

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  1. Wow!!!!!! I find poetry boring and for old pips…. But this?? It is lovely!!!! Everything… Simply tiight… At the risk of coming off as being prejudiced.. Never expected this from a “kwaran” woooooooooooooow… I’m a resident of the state by the way… Lovely work there sire… How’s the holiday?

  2. Mheeen! This is the best poem i’m coming across from a Nigerian in recent times. Great message powerfully delivered with rich diction! Keep this up bro

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