SPOKEN WORDS – The Lines They Draw

the lines they draw

All ye William Moore lovers, good day! So you don’t know William Moore yet? Don’t you worry, It only shows you are one of our many new visitors. Welcome!!!William Ifeanyi Moore is the author of Lonely roads which was being featured here every Wednesday until a publishing company hijacked it. *jealous eye* Well, he has some kinda romance with the readers of this blog, he claims y’all helped him follow his true path….If you believe him, good for you :DAnyways, he is really doing good for himself and basking in the poetry and spoken words Art. He does his thing at Bogobiri almost every Thursday and finally remembered to do a lil recording of his performance for the viewing pleasure of us all. This one is titled ‘The lines they draw”, Check the short video out below and encourage true art. Gracias! 

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