Before You Draw the Curtain

Before You Draw the Curtain - elsieisy blog

By Alara Charis

I used to see my dad as a ‘not too good person’, this is due to certain experiences I’ve had while growing up. We lived like cat and dog and I could never be found anywhere near him. Recently, I sat reminiscing about the past; back then, Saturdays used to be a really busy day for us with lots of washing to be done. Usually, we would soak our clothes on Friday night so as to make washing easier on Saturday.

Amazingly, I recalled instances where my supposedly ‘not so good dad’ would wash all our clothes even before we woke up. Immediately this thought crossed my mind, I said to myself ‘he wasn’t that bad afterall’.

What exactly is my point here? You see, more often than not; the bad and unpleasant experiences we’ve had with certain people tend to cloud our judgement of the good times we had and shared with them. My dad’s scenario actually taught me a lesson which is the fact that there is no one ‘no matter how terrible they act and treat us’ that is undeserving of our commendation in one form or the other.

Let’s not be too engrossed taking note of the unpleasant encounters we’ve had with people that we forget the good and commendable things they did at some point. Everyone has a good side to his or her story, it only takes those with a keen eyes for looking beyond the stoic façade to discover the true colours of their heart.

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  1. My dad is awesome, I remember that feelings, soak our clothes at night only to wake up and meet at already hanging on the line….big ups to my dad.

  2. I love my dad to the bone although we fight alot but we re close I could remember waking up on a Sunday morning to discover food is readily made by my dad and water been fetched already. thumbs up to d best papa in d world am proud of you Mr Leke Adegbesan

  3. Looking beyond people’s shortcoming does help us to appreciate nature better

  4. So true! “There is no one no matter how terrible they act and treat us that is undeserving of our commendation in one form or the other.” And like you said, it takes conscious effort to find good and commendable things they do or have done to/for us at some point.I enjoyed reading this article, also wrote something related to it sometime back. You may want to check it out -

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