My Top 6 Hairstyles of 2016

Elsie Godwin's hair - Long hair in Nigeria - My Top 7 Hairstyles of 2016 - elsieisy blog

This post was inspired by Alexandria’s post on her blog. I saw her post on Instagram then followed the link in her bio. Unlike Nappyhaired, I do not make wigs. I am just that lazy Elsie who loves having a good hair on her head. However, I have noticed my love for protective styling and natural looks. I am not one of those Team Naturalistas but my hair brags *wink*

Elsie Godwin's hair - Long hair in Nigeria - My Top 7 Hairstyles of 2016 - elsieisy blog
My Hair!

So here are my top 6 hairstyles of 2016:

My Top 7 Hairstyles of 2016

This was when I finally said goodbye to the paid 8-5 employment and I felt like tapping into that very wild part of me that was suppressed for a while. Of course my hair styles still looked wild compared to other female staffs where I worked, but I made sure not to make them too colourful. I am respectful like that…LOL This look was achieved with Remy Curl and it served its purpose while I had it on. It also reminds me of the great technique like Curly Girl Method


Then I remember how I crushed on this twisted braids. My stylist used what she called Togo attachment. It came more expensive than the usual attachment we know but I definitely loved the texture. According to her, its way better for twists.insta-image-117

I was able to achieve different styles with the braids. The one above was my favorite.


Yes! yes!! yes!!! The Crochet gang initiated me. I love that it doesn’t take hours to achieve. Between 45mins to 1hour. Depends on how full you want it and how efficient your hair stylist can be. The owner of hairffiliation does justice to Crochet. I did this exact Crochet twice! I am sure to do more of this next year, though I am likely to do more wigs.img_20161222_112550

insta-image-98This is Crochet too and was achieved with Multi Expression collection. I rocked this hair for more than 5weeks without getting tired. I had to take it off just because… There was no reason to.

So I met MI with this look.
So I met MI with this look.

insta-image-621With my Cornrows, I looked so innocent and tender. People assumed that I was about 15years old and I was able to attract secondary school boys and pedophiles but Jesus is Lord. Whenever i look at this cornrow picture above, it tells me I should try the Bantu Knots. I definitely would, very soon.


Then came the epic didi. I am still crushing on me right now. I went to the saloon to wash my hair, weave and continue my wig lifestyle then I told them I wanted didi. They all breathed in and out. The first lady ran away, second lady tried and failed. She developed serious hand pain. The third lady with her signature tribal mark came forward and I knew the hair was gonna be lit! The hair turned out so neat that I have dumped my wigs for more than a week now. I am honestly enjoying the amount of fresh air caressing my beautiful yellow scalp.

insta-image-134 Elsie Godwin

I will definitely be trying out not just Bantu Knots but Sisterlocks. Anything i can do to protect my hair without necessarily joining the team natural gang.

Which was your favorite?

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  1. Hahahaha! Your didi is BAE!How is your hair this long? Help me! What do you use? What should I use?

  2. GIRL you can slay anything. Love your natural hair though..2017 give them some natural slayage

  3. HI
    Sometimes figuring out a cut for boys is so hard, because you want it to be so easy for them. Thank you so much for sharing all of these ideas!

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