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What is the forgiveness which we proclaim?
What hidden knowledge is still yet profane?
What is it essence?
Lingering questions drift from thoughts to thoughts
Like a river stream drifting of course

But ignorance holds us still
Making us impious to the Truth
What sort of forgiveness did he give?
It is what we cannot see
It was the real kind of mercy

Such forgiveness, lifted up a man laid on the dirt
Melting a street woman’s hardness,
Causing her to wash His feet with tears
A sort of forgiveness which made people love much

Oh what joy!!! In forgiveness from the holy one
What pleasure and zest
Clothing my very own vest
It cannot be imagined
For I only speak of experience

Forgiveness is a mercy
Abundant for all to receive
And I myself have received

by Esosa Osagie

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