#WorldPoetryDay – Black

world poetry day - black

By Jemimah

We will rise again!Like the Phoenix,We will rise from our ashesLike the Dove,We will gently push you off your throneLike the Eagle,We will soar farFar above youLike the Sun,We will riseSlowly and steadilyLike the Vulture,We will feed off youLike the Elephant,We will trample youLike the Lion,We will dominate youLike the Peacock,We will walk proudlyAmongst youLike the Horse,We will gain strengthLike the Iroko,We will grow tallLike the Moon,We will light your pathAt nightLike God,We will hold your destinyIn our handsBecause we are BlackThe salt of the worldWe are strongWe are darkThe dark that lights your pathWe are Black!Image source: financialjuneteenth.com

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