The Life Arising From The Land

The Life Arising From The Land - elsieisy blog

If a blade of grass catches fire

I can bask in that fire

that the nature beholds in her heart.

although I never get enough

of searching light for myself

on this ground that grows me without saying any word,

on this ground that steps with shame

and selfish repentance

of manpower.

Even though I blush while I cut the flowers

and with them I create the vibrant smile of happiness;

I fill my spirit with the scent of life

because I cannot leave it in poverty,

but I can easily forget how the beautycan fade

before my eyes …

But, if a blade of grass catches fire

is because

nature knows, how to take away from darkness

the eyes which are drunken with ugliness!

© Irsa Ruçi      (Translated by Stela Xega)

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