Pick up some Self-Esteem: Sex Dolls Cannot be better than you

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This week on social media has been crazy, no thanks to the world’s obsession with the private affairs of man and woman. From wondering if a woman should propose to a man or not, to the sexy sex dolls. Oh boy! If you think those sex dolls ain’t sexy, then you are pained. LMAO

I am not here to talk about perversion, morals, right or wrong. However, I will like to state that comparing a sex doll to a dildo is the dumbest comparison I have seen in a long while. I mean a dildo or vibrator is modeled after a part of an entire body not the entire body. For those who had no idea, men had their own masturbator/dildo which of course, served same purpose as the ones made for women. See pictures below:

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Male Masturbation Cup

masturbation cup masturabtion cup

But like I said, I am not here to argue with you neither am I here to make you accept sex dolls or not. I’m here for ladies who are worried about the sex doll taking over. Have you checked your self-esteem level lately? It’s dragging on the floor already.

Even if as a woman, the only thing you bring to the table is sex, YOU CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT BE INTIMATED BY A SEX DOLL!

The thought should never cross your mind. If a man ever tells you he can always replace you with a sex doll, you should, as a matter of fact, stay away from such man for good. Just as you should not compare yourself to the other woman, how much less, a doll?

Comparing a sex doll to a dildo is the dumbest comparison I have seen in a long while. Click To Tweet

Even if some won’t admit it, I read through tweets since the pictures of the sex dolls flooded the internet and I couldn’t help but feel the intimidation some ladies felt and also watched young men having a field day with different memes and comparison. So if you are, by anyway, intimidated by these sex dolls, here is something for you by Alexandra Pell  as published on QUORA. Read BELOW:

Are sex dolls better than women?

For most people, probably not. Most people enjoy seeing the reactions of a partner. If a man finds women attractive, he probably gets turned on when she gasps, or moans, or raises her hips to meet his.

Most people also want their sex partner to be active. People don’t seem to get much pleasure from sexual “starfish” — sex partners who just lie there and let the other person do all the work.

A lot of people also want an emotional connection during sex. There’s a stereotype in many societies that women want to “make love” and men just want to fuck, but it only takes one man who cries vulnerably after sex or clings to his partner in adoration after sex and proceeds to adore her for years in order to disprove that. And there are bunches of guys like that, even if they don’t want to admit it to other dudes.

But even if we find a guy who doesn’t really care either way about that stuff, or who likes the woman to be completely still, or who doesn’t want emotional connection at all, there’s still something missing from a doll:

Lust. Desire.

During sex, people want to feel desired. Experiencing a deep desire from one’s sexual partner is intoxicating and thrilling. Until the day when dolls have such incredible artificial intelligence that they can convince us that they lust for us, dolls won’t provide that drug-like intoxication, and therefore will bore people who want to be wanted.

And… I suspect that the very people who start thinking maybe sex dolls are better than women… are people who have become wildly frustrated with a lack of being desired. The dolls won’t desire them, but at least it won’t be a rejection. That doesn’t make ’em better, but people who don’t believe they are resilient enough to handle rejection or pain or frustration in pursuit of amazing things… I guess the doll might be the choice they have the capacity to act on.

Note: if this question supposes that dolls might be better than women because “bitches are crazy” there is a simple solution: dump any woman who is a jerk to you. That does take some energy, but if someone’s goal in life is to expend as little energy as possible, I don’t really know what to say.


I will say this just once: If the only thing you are bringing to a relationship is sex, you are not invalid. Some men want just that.

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  1. I agree with you on this, Elsie. These days most women have nothing to the table except sex. But comparing a woman to a sex doll…pffffffffft! I’m just tired.

    1. That is for men with lopsided psyches and damaged mentality. This type of men are no better than dolls themselves.

  2. Sex dolls are for men who women don’t find attractive. They might have sex with women but it is usually because of what the women want from them most times. Sex will now be devoid of passion. So to them, no difference between a doll and a human.
    I have experienced it on some occasions. There are girls you will spend on, toast and they end up sleeping with you so that they can keep on getting the goodies from you. They will just lie down like a doll without any attempt at romance like “bros, cum fast abeg”. Dolls better pass those ones.
    Nothing feels good like when you have the knowledge that a girl you have the hots for can’t also wait to rip your clothes off. A doll can’t give you that. That quiet bonding moment after sex, a doll can’t give you that.

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