What say you to yourself?And what do your lips confess? If we walk in the shoes of ChristPerformed the works as he didStrode the earth with graceSaving the lady with blood issue from disgraceRaising the dead from decayBeing stricken with crown of thornsHave your flesh torn from severe whipsYour palms and feet pierced with obese nailsMutter these words “it is finished”And rise on the third day.If that were truly youWould pain overcome you?Wouldn’t victory be a norm? How much more we, whom he endured for,For our sake he withstood transgressionThat if with our mouth we make a confessionOf the Lord JesusAnd shall believe in thy heartThat God has raised him from the dead,Thou shall then be saved.Verily, our salvation lie in our hearts and mouth. Then I inquire:What say you to yourself?And what do your lips confess? 

Chidera Nnaeto esq.

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