CALL FOR SUBMISSION: Child Hero Story Contest & Film Project (II)

CALL FOR SUBMISSION: Child Hero Story Contest & Film Project (II) - elsieisy blog

The Child Hero Story Competition & Film Project is a Peregrine Reads initiative under the auspices of the Child Hero Empowerment Campaign founded by Chinonye J. Chidolue, aimed at consciously spurring the minds of the public with the harsh socio-economic and psychological factors that affect the orphaned children in the society on a daily basis.

Following the thriving completion of its maiden edition, which had the winning story by Elemide Benjamin produced as a film and still sustains television showcase till date, the CHILD HERO dream has grown bigger, giving birth to more projects which fruitfully spanned across the year 2016, touching the lives of the orphaned children in the society, one orphanage/disabled home after another.

It’s here again. Bigger. And better!

The CHILD HERO EMPOWERMENT CAMPAIGN is calling out to all heroes of children to participate in the 2nd Edition of her Story contest & Film Project, themed: ‘ORPHANS – QUEST FOR IDENTITY’



The 2nd edition of the CHILD HERO Film Project seeks to raise an increased awareness and visibility of the varying issues and challenges faced by the orphaned and vulnerable children in Nigeria through filmmaking. Hence, submitted stories should ideally meet all or some of the following criteria:


  • Expose the societal disregard of the emotional trauma embedded in the heart of the orphaned child.
  • Review orphanages in Nigeria (Investigating the well-being of the orphaned children through the caretakers of the home) and preferring solutions to the discovered issues.
  • Address the need for empowerment and education of the orphaned & vulnerable children (OVC) beyond freewill gifts.
  • Address the segregation issues and societal neglect of the dreams and hopes of the orphaned child through the misdirection of our individual responsibilities towards their core needs.
  • Portray the orphaned and vulnerable children in a positive context by exposing a unique disability in them, their point of challenges and their dream fulfillment.

Child Hero Story Contest


•  Participant MUST be the certified owner of the submitted piece of work. Previously submitted works in the 1st edition will NOT be accepted.
• Submissions must be E-mailed in Microsoft Word format.
• Submission should come with the subject– “CHILD HERO STORY CONTEST (2)” next to the title of submission.
• Major characters in story should not exceed (5) and could be less.
• Word limit of story should be between 2,500 to 6,000 words.
• The theme for the contest only serves as a guide. Writers can give their stories their own unique titles. Titles however MAY be changed during the film production for suitability.
• Submissions should be sent to
• Participants should include the following in their submission: A photograph, Name, Location, Social Network Names (If Any) and Telephone number.



•  Contest is open to ALL ages and nationality (but especially Nigeria)
•  Submitted stories are solely for the purposes of the Child Hero story contest & Film project
•  Winning story will be filmed by Peregrine production team and the 1st runner up will be rewarded the sum of N25,000.00 Cash Prize.
• All competing writers agree that if their stories win, it will be screen played and produced by the PEREGRINE Film House Production team and may therefore be revised and reworked on to better meet the necessities required for the film project.
• Copyright of the film when produced with the winning script belongs to PEREGRINE FILM HOUSE & the CHILD HERO EMPOWERMENT CAMPAIGN.
• The winner WILL be given due credit on the film when produced.
• Stories that either were not shortlisted for the contest or selected as the winning story will not be used by PEREGRINE FILM HOUSE for any other purpose whatsoever, without the agreement of the owner.
• By submitting your story to this contest, you agree that if your story is selected as the winning story, it proceeds automatically to the film production stage. This means that you CANNOT pull your story out after the contest.



•  Selected stories will be judged strictly by a panel of judges who will critically access the works and select the winner based on the clearly defined criteria.
•  The selection process of the contest will consist of a winner and a 1st runner up
•  The winner will be selected by the judges while the 1st runner up will be determined by the most appreciated work by the public on the comment thread section.
• ALL submitted stories for the contest WILL be given due credit for their works.
• Submissions begin today and ends on the 25th of February, 2017 and contest officially kicks off on the blog on the 1st of March, 2017.

Watch the 1st Child Hero Film Project ‘CHILDREN OF THE STREETS’ ( Produced by Chinonye J. Chidolue & Directed by Wole Ajetomobi) below:

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