We are back + 3rd Edition of Love Literati Contest

Hey Elsians,

I am so sorry I had to be away for about 2weeks. It was in no way my fault neither was it intentional. If you are connected to any of my personal social media platforms or the blog’s, you may or may have not seen why. The blog was hacked (still being hacked) and about 5.4million virus were uploaded to the host from my blog. It’s been hectic and sad but I am glad to be back…at least to kick off the 3rd edition of the yearly Valentine contest. Special shout out to Obinna, William & Andy.elsieisy blog

Though I was not able to share post on the Love Literati Contest here on the blog, we have over 80 entries already and submission closed on the 10th of February 2017. But because this is our haven, and the contest is being hosted here on the blog, it is only fair to extend the date for devoted readers of this blog. Every entry sent after 10th of February will not be attended to but you have the opportunity to send yours between now (2:00pm 12th of February) to 11:59pm 13th of February. Make sure the title of your email is – “I am a devoted Elsian” or it will be discarded. So start sending.

I also mentioned at the end of the contest last year that there will be ways to judge the entries other than choosing winners by the number of likes and comments. And this is why I have reached out to awesome Authors and Editors to help determine the winners.

We have Sally Kenneth Dadzie, Walter Ude, Deoye Falade and Chinonye Chidolue and I am excited to have them on this project.

Thanks to the team at Ebony and Indigo and the CEO of Dhoney beadz for being part of our sponsors. This year’s contest will reward 5 winners with cash and gift items.

Valentine gift box from Ebony and Indigo- elsieisy blog
Valentine gift box from Ebony and Indigo


Valentine gift box from Ebony and Indigo - elsieisy blog
Valentine gift box from Ebony and Indigo


Thank you all so much for the emails and messages. I also missed being here. Lets set the ball rolling!

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  1. Glad you are back stronger and better. The lord is your conqueror, shield, armour and strength. I believe you have learnt from this experience cos like my people will say….. What wouldn’t kill a man will only make him stronger. Be blessed

  2. How about submissions that came in before 10th, does this same subject apply? Nothing was indicated earlier as to subject preference…

  3. I sent an entry with the wrong title before. I just sent it again with the appropriate one. I just want to bring it to your notice. I hope it’s considered. Good to have you back.

  4. Good to have u back. Miss ur posts, ” No Heart Feelings” in particular. Well done!

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