#CruxoftheMatterwithElsie: Children are Selfish – Walter Ude

Crux of the matter with Elsie


How are you doing?

For me, I am excited! Its not everyday you get positive feedback on your hustle. And not everyday you get lovely messages from a tough boss. LOL

Today, the Managing Director of Happenings Radio, Joy Isi Bewaji, shared a post on her Facebook wall about my program and I am super excited. Basically, my radio program, Crux of the matter, is the second most listened program on Happenings Radio right now! She said;

“Elsie’s show is the second highest most-listened show every week on our analytic”

Click here to read what she wrote.

I am thankful to all my listeners from far and near. There wont be a radio program without you all. And if you are yet to join the gang, what are you waiting for bikonu? Do you not want to help my career? Epp me na. Tune in every Friday by 9pm (WAT). You can listen from anywhere in the world. And i mean anywhere! I mean, its an online radio. So once you have a data enabled device and data, you can join the program live. We can make this program become the most listened show on Happenings Radio and Yes! It can even become the most listened online radio show in the world! I am counting on you all. Thank you.

Crux of the matter with Elsie

Here is a recorded version of the live program last Friday, where I had an Author and Blogger, Walter Ude, as Guest. Walter categorically said he does not want to get married and that Children are Selfish.

Listen below via Hulkshare. Remember to Join us this Friday by 9pm as we talk Body Count

Crux of the matter with Elsie on Happenings Radio

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  1. Wow…amazing news. Though I have never listened to your radio talks, I will sure keep a date on Friday. Kuddos

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