The Missed Priorities: A Poem by Ibrahim Abdulqudus (De Treasure)

With the spell of westernity.
And our values in vanity. 
No one cares, the effect of its laxity.
Obviously, as distress has been our identity. 
Where do we miss the road? 
The dawn of our political structures. 
Hinders not the rich,
But in the hands of some vultures 
And the impoverished left inward to their niche.
Where do we miss the road?
I was lost in thought – my portion in this nation.
Imagine! Where many lives lost with less attention. 
And the youth kept in silence; an unseen deprivation.
Not too young to run: a lost and unclear direction.
Where do we miss the road?
Unfortunately, rape victims; how it's their luck. 
With the stigma, they still make a mock. 
And their movements the legs of a duck. 
Rape never ceased, even with its outcry that sounds like a clock.
Where do we miss the road? 
Not so new, moral decadence as artillery for an individual prospect. 
Thou, wizen by our face of negligence.
Which pace immorality as the new emergence.
Worst still tagged a determinant to measure the status of being the fittest.
Where do we miss the road? 

About the Poet

Ibrahim Abdulqudus, also known as De Treasure, is a Nigerian poet. During his undergraduate days, he developed a keen interest in creative writing, which drove his zeal to attend different writing workshops programs at the University. In no time, he found his niche in poetry. Some of his works have been published on different online platforms. Besides being a poet, he is a social worker by profession, an educationist, a graphics designer, a content reviewer, and an advocate of peace and human rights.

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