A Broken People’s Struggle by Dami Shittu

Lagbaja has been taken
We search so tey we tire
But we can’t find him anymore
The high places have been halted
The raving sun blasts our bodies
Tamodu has been beckoned home suddenly
What killed him?
Silence eats our voices
Because we see them, but we can’t speak
Akoba has followed Joshua, who was with his parents
But has been stripped and imprisoned unjustly for 7 years
Our pockets have been milked
Come here!
Who you be?
Gba gbos
Kasala haf burst!!!
You wey fresh
With what money?
Yeye dey smell
How will Ngozi say she works hard for this dough?
You this small girl
You be ashewo
“I’m not! I have papers for my car, and I can show you my id”
Tufia! A brute hand strikes hard on her face
Even in the sad, cold walls
Ngozi is festered upon by vultures
Andrew never came home
They don take am!!
Hmmm was what the elders echo
We fight for salvation
But they say we are rude
We shout, but they blast our hearts with bullets
We fight for our freedom with voices
But they smack us with tear gas and hot water
When will salvation come?
Because lowly we are not living
In staggering hope for a better tomorrow
We raise our placards in harmony to say
End Police Brutality!!!
End Bad Governance!!!

About the Poet

Dami Shittu is an unemployed Nigerian living in Lagos. She is a feminist and poet.

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