Two Poems by Emmanuel Oluwatobiloba

It’s Not a Protest
We wake up every morning to sad news
We see heroes falling like the morning dews
How many more to go?
This is our Father’s land; where else do you want us to go?
This is news that saddens the heart
See our “Frenemies” sending bullets through our hearts
This is our home, and yet we suffer brutality
My blood is green; I can never deny my nationality 
This is a fight to the end
How many more souls are you ready to end
We’ll see them as HEROES 
You’ll see them as FOES
A new Nigeria is emerging
And YES! we’re not stopping
We ask for JUSTICE
For our loved ones and our heroes, we seek JUSTICE 
Stop killing Us
You can never stop Us
We need Protection 
Not Execution
Put an end to this cruelty 
We say NO! to this brutality 
This is our right 
And for it, we’re going to fight
We’ve woken from our slumber 
We’re repairing the long-time broken pipe like a plumber 
We’ll fight till we get our Liberation 
It’s not a protest...THIS IS REVOLUTION
Serial Killer
You turned to a serial killer 
Yet we get stronger
You think we’ll stop if you kill us 
You lie! Cos nothing can distract us
You’ve overdone it this time
And now is the right time
To fight against you devils 
In black veils 
You’re the SARS
Were the MASS
You’re just a little out of us
You can never overpower us
We’re not backing out
Because no one is left out
We all are lending our voice
It’s in Unison, so it’s no noise 
Put an end to Police Brutality
In one voice and in Unity
We ask this, and we’re peaceful 
Why then are you forceful 
You want to deprive us of our right?
Then we’ll continue to fight
We’ll continue to “SOROSOKE”
Till everything is OK!

Poet’s Bio

Emmanuel Oluwatobiloba is a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Performing Art. He puts down his thoughts in writing and is working on improving his writing skills and writing wide. He won an award in poetry while in school during an annual Departmental KOLLAJ FESTIVAL in 2016. He enjoys having fun, which doesn’t stop him from having his private moment in his free moment, He has a great desire to be an actor, and he likes to write and wants to keep writing.

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