One Nigeria Was The Watchword For Independence. What Has Changed?

One Nigeria Was The Watchword For Independence. What Has Changed?

By: George Saint Chukz.

I vividly remember the speeches and texts that led to the utmost agitations for Nigeria’s independence from her colonial founders and administrators. Never did I read or heard of the statement; Igbo, Hausa and/or Yoruba.

What occupied the ever scintillating speeches and texts was ‘One Nigeria’. Our nationalists fought for the unity of the most populous black nation and its citizens, and never a portion of the nation; as amalgamated by the colonists who had unity and stability in mind; economic unity and haven, and then stability and juiciness of our rich raw-materials market value. The colonial leaders knew it was possible to achieve peaceful co-existence and resourcefulness through apt administrative control and amalgamation of ethnic groups – to exist on even distribution of national common wealth.

Also, the nationalists knew One Nigeria was possible. That was why they strove and liberated Nigeria un-seceded. We were decolonized undivided at the beginning, WHY? Because they envisaged One Nigeria; unity in diversity, and in one spirit for a self-administrated nation. Our nationalists dreamt One Nigeria; they conceived One Nigeria, and they believed and achieved One Nigeria. Their enthusiasms and achievement of One Nigeria leave no startle why Mohammed Ali was quoted saying; ‘If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it’.

My questions have always been; do we really want a Nigeria, a peaceful Nigeria? A Nigeria that we’d fight to better together, and live better-together, as peaceful as the word Peace. Who said it’s not possible? How passionate and sincere have such person(s) strive to make this Nigeria work? Preaching One Nigeria; in our families, in the churches and mosques, in the schools and skills acquisition centres, in social gathering platforms – parties, football events and other related gatherings. Why do we spectate peacefully in one accord when our multi-tribal Nigerian sports teams play, and not crave for segregation? It’s because of the passion we have for the game, and the trust and love for the team. Why is such enthusiasm not extendable to our socio-political spheres? The fact remains that some extreme factions out there, under the guise of leaders instigate tribalism to score mere absurd political points and enrich themselves; brainwashing some gullible few who play loyalists to them and commit huge funds to support their extreme motives.

 The Premise

Who are these agitators?

Who are they fighting for?

Where are they fighting from?

What efforts have they make to build Nigeria?

First of all; these agitators are not full-fledged residence of Nigeria, they are fighting from yonder. How then do they know marginalization are out of control and One Nigeria is unattainable? One needs to be in a land which one fights for. Let’s put into perspective persons like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jnr., Moses of the bible, and Jesus Christ to highlight this few. They were all present in the land they strove and turned haven; teaching, communicating and enlightening, leading and providing succor to the people. They didn’t just agitate literally from their intergalactic point, with asinine libelous statements. Nelson Mandela, Moses, et al., sought for dialogue with the leaders before agitating for equality. What efforts have these anti-Nigerians put in place to dialogue with the federal government? We must begin to ask ourselves the right apt questions. They are not fighting for our general interest. If they are; have they ever organize summits and extend their generosities to palliate your sufferings? Or are they milking the little Nigeria could offer? Your well being must be the priority first.

The Potentials

Have you ever consider the positivity that abounds Nigeria as an indivisible entity? Let’s put aside the political down-turn at the moment. Have you ever put into perspective; the stable economic haven; the market value of over 170 million dwellers in this land of hope, the beautiful cultural differences and heritage that should unite us, the opportunity to traverse nationwide with ease and tranquility without visas and passports, undergoing bureaucratic bottlenecks? Those should be the patriotism and enthusiasm One Nigeria requires to happen, not chauvinism and deceit.

A saying says; ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. To dissect this deduction behind this evergreen saying, we must put some united multi-tribal populated countries into perspective.

  • China:with over a billion Chinese citizens, China has grown from an overpopulated state to one of the ‘very best five economies’ in the world. They achieved that indivisibly – devoid of ethnic and/or tribal chauvinism. They believed in collective efforts. Today, Nigerians use their collectively-built technologies to improve living standard.

‘Who said a united Nigeria can’t be China? What world-record has such person to say that?’ – George Saint Chukz’.

  • India: we should note that it is on record; Nigeria patronize India’s medicament more than any African country. India is more populated than Nigeria. Amid conflicts and insecurity tension in some parts of the country, they thrive to indivisibly build an economy Nigerians contribute to grow. ‘One India’ did it, not seceded and divided India.


  • Brazil: you talk about the best economies in the South America and the world at large, you see the Samba nation on the hierarchy. There may have been some fluctuating economic experience in the past, and partially at present, but that has not deterred the enthusiasm towards One Brazil – better indivisible Brazil. Little wonder the Olympic Games nations deemed it fit to host the event in Rio de Janeiro, 2016.


  • USA: there could never be a ranking of top three best economies in the world without the name United State of America occupying the first two spots; at least not for the next 15 decades. This country is a collection of tribes, races, ethnic settings, and multi-religious individuals who believe that their differences do not matter but the well-being of the citizens; their development and growth in unity. In United States, you are Hausa or Igbo or Yoruba doesn’t hold water. What is in everybody’s thought is to make the country a home away from home. That’s what makes them the best economy or among the very best, not some ethnic voodoos which has dragged Nigeria off its unity and progress radar.


  • Russia: one fact that’s on up and up is; ‘there is never a country of the world that does not have multi-ethnic setting’. Not the ones available for global study. Nigeria is not an exception. Russia is among these multi-ethnic nations. Their economy shows that they strive towards socio-economic haven and not tribal chauvinism inherent in Nigeria. Little wonder we’re distracted from building a better Nigeria our forefathers dreamt and decolonized from the colonists; for us to indivisibly harness and grow together.

Innovative ideas and inventions of pioneering excellence flow in these nations. They have ethnic differences which are inevitable, but they never dwell on these surmountable circumstance to divide and rule.

United Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, and other minor ethnic groups have socio-economic prosperity in enviable capacity; encourage foreign investment and investors, and industrialize the system; through collective coordinated efforts towards national building.

South Africans at a glance; they fought for ‘One South Africa’ and overpowered the Apartheid system in the country. They never fought for Soweto, Swahili, or other majority tribes; they had equality of persons in mind. Irrespective of their skin colour or language, or religion, they prioritized peaceful co-existence for every citizen of the southernmost African nation. Today in South Africa, the achieved legacy of peaceful co-existence speaks for itself; they are unarguably the best economy in Africa – living glaringly under improved living standard and equality of all persons, no matter the skin or tribe – if at all that is considered. Nothing of civil war among them; no segregation of any South African person. The love for their national unity and progress infuses them to take any person or persons to the cleaners when seen as threat(s) to their national growth and development. A fitting instance being among others; the recently had xenophobia case recorded against some Nigerians seen as smart competitors to some South African indigenes. It wasn’t hatred per se, but they irrationally or perhaps illegitimately sussed that as the apt measure to overpower their Nigerian counterparts to economic prosperity. Though such act worth no encomia, but the progress of their brothers and sisters was the allure at heart.

It’s bewildering and rather perplexing; when two Igbo Nigerians fight people say; ‘two boys fought’. But when an Hausa and an Igbo man fight people say; either ‘an Hausa man wants to kill the Igbo man’ or ‘an Igbo man wants to kill the Hausa man. Why should the statement not be stated in the two-Nigerian context (as in, two Nigerians fought), instead of instigating tribal sentiment? This absurdity has been the reason why Nigerians are incited against each other to wreak havoc in the country, instead of expedite palliative measures in calming the situation, or even report such incident to the appropriate quarters for proper legal actions. An instance is the recent incident that occurred in the city of Aba, Abia state where disagreement ensued between two Aba residents. The situation that led to the loss of more than four ‘valued’ lives would have been averted and foiled, had it been handled as a case between two ‘Abans’ and not; ‘this Hausa man come for our land wan come show us strength’.

This irrational chauvinistic sentiment must be checked, redressed and cautioned to avoid further occurrences. Our fight in Nigeria should be for One Nigeria not for tribal sentiments and ethnic superiority which for so long, the resultant hatred and misunderstanding have not giving us award of excellence or the presupposed peace and economic growth. Hence need for national unity and patriotism.

Remember; if Nigeria fail, we fail, and no secession or segregation can stand. For no constant failure can attain major success. We must put Nigeria first.

God Bless Nigeria.


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