5 Questions Interracial Couples Are Tired Of Hearing

5 Questions Interracial Couples Are Tired Of Hearing - elsieisy blog

There was a time that interracial dating and marriages are a crime and interracial couples are sinners. But nowadays, due to persistent fighting for racial equality, interracial couples are now allowed to be together and even get married and start a family. They are now accepted in many countries worldwide and are no longer discriminated by the law.5 Questions Interracial Couples Are Tired Of Hearing - elsieisy blog - Relationship blog

Interracial dating had been easier nowadays due to the technologies. Singles of different races meet each other and eventually become couples. Normally, they met on a free interracial dating site.

However, it is the perspective and opinions of people that have not yet been fully accepting the idea of interracial dating. People may not be treating you like criminals but they acted as if you are doing something weird. Interracial couples are so tired of these many prejudices. Here are five questions interracial couples are tired of hearing.

Do Your Parents Know Your Dating Interracially?

First of all, interracial dating is no longer illegal. This means that interracial couples being together is not a crime. So never ask them as if their parents will be in disapproval. Of course, if any couple is serious, they will likely to introduce their other half to their parents.

Not all parents will react negatively and even if they did, it won’t last. This is because by the end of the day, as long as the couple loves each other, their parents will accept them. Asking an interracial couple if their parents know may seem to show concern towards them. But honestly, they feel taken aback by this question.

Are The Stereotypes About The Race Of Your Partner True?

Not all Blacks are criminals and freaky. Not all Asians are geniuses or martial arts experts. Not all Middle Easterns are terrorists. Not all Latin people are sexy and attractive but loud and scandalous. Not all Whites are racists. Since that is the case, interracial couples get irritated if they are asked if the racial stereotypes are true. It is not only a very stupid question to ask but also a very racist one.

Do You Only Date People Of That Race?

Just because a person dated a Black, Latin, Asian or Middle Eastern that does not imply that they only date people of that race. People date because of attraction and love and the race of their significant other does not matter. It just so happened they found the love they need in their interracial love. And if they broke up, they will eventually find love again from other people regardless of their race.5 Questions Interracial Couples Are Tired Of Hearing - elsieisy blog - Relationship blog

Do People Stare At You When You Are Together?

Interracial couples hate this question. It is a reminder to them that people are not all accepting of them being together. Most likely, they tend to ignore them but that kind of question will remind them otherwise. Aside from that, couples feel annoyed with this question. People stare at others for many reasons. You do not know exactly what they are thinking when they stared at someone. It could be many other reasons than being interracial couples.

Do You Think Your Relationship Will Last?

This is a heartbreaking one. Asking this to an interracial couple will only ignite the stereotype notion that interracial relationships do not last. Just because interracial couples have many racial differences in culture and language, that does not imply that the couple is having a hard time in their relationship.

Many people apparently believe that racial differences can create a wall between couples and cause them to break up. That is not the case. If a couple really loves each other, they will make it work. They will make sacrifices, efforts, and compromises just to be together. It may be challenging but then again every relationship is challenging so what’s the difference.5 Questions Interracial Couples Are Tired Of Hearing - elsieisy blog

There are more questions that interracial couples are tired of hearing. These questions can be annoying and at the same time offending and hurtful. So next time you meet an interracial couple, avoid asking these questions and anything that sparked in your head that involved them being in an interracial relationship. By doing this, you will not only not be offending but also accepting.

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