Ada and Bimpe: How Long is Long Enough? | by William Ifeanyi Moore

Ada was determined to prove to Bimpe that she wasn’t as naive as she came across. Following a previous conversation that centred on competing for men, she had gotten proactive and scored a date with a guy she clearly knew to be in a relationship. As she applied her eyeliner she told herself to relax her mind to stop her hands from shaking. She couldn’t help but feel like some sort of homewrecker.

‘Ada Ada, calm down oh. See as you will end up blind in the name of making up for boy that already has another girl making up for him. ‘ Bimpe teased.

everybody wants to sleep with me

‘Last time I checked you were the one telling me to get proactive about my dating condition.’ Ada shot back. She dropped the eyeliner and faced Bimpe. ‘Do you think I look slutty? Like does this say “Take me, I’m easy”?’

Bimpe shook her head. ‘It’s just fine. Enough cleavage to show you have assets but not enough to distract him. Is it not just drinks you guys are going for?’

‘Yes, but you know how these things go. We might decide to do something else after.’ She was fidgeting with her fingers.

‘Ada oh, please relax. So you’re panicking like this for unmarried man. He isn’t even engaged sef. So what would you do if he was married with kids?’ Bimpe came closer and massaged her roommate’s shoulders, ‘just have fun girl. And remember you will never be this young again. Just be responsible about the whole thing.’

‘I don’t see any part of this that is responsible. Can I ask you something though?’ Ada looked shy.

‘Anything.’ Bimpe said.

‘Ermm, like how long is long enough. You know with….you know what I mean.’ Ada couldn’t even look Bimpe in the eyes.

‘Chai, Ada Ada, you’re already thinking of that one. And here I was thinking I was the bad influence. It is true, the quiet ones are the ones to watch out for.’ Bimpe made sexual faces and let out some impressive simulated noises.

‘I don’t even know why I asked you.’ Ada said.

‘Person no fit follow you play?’ Bimpe asked if Ada couldn’t take a joke. ‘Well, I read on one blog that the average vagina is just three inches deep but can expand to take a lot before it hits your liver.’

‘Ewww, that’s not even what I meant when I said how long. I meant like, how long do you have to know a guy before it’s okay to…you know what I mean.’ Ada couldn’t get herself to say ‘have sex’, vulgarity like ‘fuck’ was out of the question.

‘Ohhh, like how long till you can fuck him?’, Bimpe on the other hand was no stranger to profanity.

‘I’m not asking for me. I’m just saying in general.’ Ada tried to distance herself from the question.

‘Hmmm, if you say so,’ Bimpe flashed a mischievous smile. ‘Well it all depends on the vibe you’re getting. I’m not even going to lie, I had sex with Richard on our first date. And we dated for like two years. That was my longest relationship ever. Some guys I posted for months just hit it and won’t even pick my call after. Guys are weird like that. They say us women don’t know what we want like they have what they want written down somewhere.’

‘There is no way I’m doing anything with this guy today. No way. If he was single then maybe, just maybe.’ Ada emphasized her words like she was really trying to convince someone of her intentions.

‘I’m not saying you should oh. I’m just saying dating is different with different people. Some guys have that mentality that if a girl spreads her legs on the first date, she is some kind of hoe. Other guys don’t really care. In fact, some guys even hate waiting it out. And sometimes it’s best to get the sex thing out the way to show you where exactly you stand with him. I know guys that will promise you heaven on earth but once they tap it, it’s hell on earth.’

Ada pondered on what her friend was saying. She had some points. And who wanted to date a man that thought a woman’s value was directly correlated to how quickly she pulled down her pants? The argument was that if she could give it up so easily to you, then what stops her from doing the same with other guys. But it was never that simple with human beings. Different people brought out different sides of our character.

‘I get you. I’m sha not doing anything with this guy.’ Ada said.

‘Well, at least you’re thinking of it now. That’s a start. I can borrow you a condom just in case of incasity.’ Bimpe reached into her purse and waved a packet of Durex.

‘Jesus, you carry condoms around? I didn’t know girls did that.’ Ada said.

‘Well, if you can’t be good, be safe.’ Bimpe chuckled. ‘But I don’t know why it’s such a big deal. Like girls can get on the pill but it’s odd to carry a condom in your bag. If the world controlled our sexuality any more chastity belts will be making a comeback.’ Bimpe dropped the condom on Ada’s purse.

‘You are such a bad influence.’ Ada said.

‘Shut up, you like it. If you don’t learn about men now, is it when you get married that you will start? Abi you think men these days even want to marry virgins? Things are changing oh. You better ask somebody.’

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