Blog Festival | The Time Came | by Onyekachi Agaecheta

We waited and the time finally came when

We stopped being little girls and became QUEENS

We no longer have dolls we have children

We left the playground to build homes

We took off the ribbons on our hair and replaced it with crowns and Gele

We no longer cry for ice cream we fight for justice and a better society

We progressed from braiding each other’s hair to empowering one another


Our zobo has turned into wine

Our playmates are now our colleagues

Our suwe game became human right movement

Our lunch boxes turned into briefcases


Classrooms are long gone and our offices, studios and work spaces came along

Those little elementary recitations preceded our press conferences

The toy collections disappeared and created rooms for Awards and degrees


They no longer see the cute adorable and playful little girls but strong, brave and determined women with so much love to give

They no longer want to just pray for Us but pray with Us

They no longer celebrate our good grades but our victories and success

They no longer see us as just daughters but as mothers, sisters, wives, role models and leaders

They no longer want to be our boys but our KINGS because we are QUEENS

Onyekachi Agaecheta AKA Catchee is a Nigerian writer, blogger, art curator and lover of the eccentric. She believes everyone is an artist and expresses their Art differently. She loves to write and sees writing as painting a mental picture with words.

I.G @ onyecatchee , @catchee_inspired


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